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Fashionable wedding manicure 2016. White nail design. Wedding nails - bride manicure

When it comes to the most important day in a girl’s life, every detail matters. The future bride pays a lot of attention not only along, hairstyle, makeup, but also manicure. It must be impeccable.

Impeccable wedding manicure

Wedding manicure is best done by a professional master, so that every detail in the design is well thought out. Of course, the bride can come up with an idea on her own, but the master selects the execution technique and materials based on the image of a beautiful woman. This is the only way to get an amazing result in the form of an artistically designed design.

Wedding manicure photo

Wedding manicure fits the image of the bride

There are many design options for a wedding manicure. The most popular is a French manicure. It is decorated with drawings, paintings, sequins, rhinestones.

Wedding manicure decorated with rhinestones

The tips can be made in a brighter shade, for example, with the addition of gold. Get a unique beauty wedding manicure. Photos allow you to see this and help you choose the right design for a particular style of the bride.

Classic French manicure for the bride Manicure of the bride in gentle colors Original wedding manicure with a V-shaped jacket Exquisite Wedding Manicure 2016

The volumetric design is chosen by refined natures. Acrylic sculpting adds a touch of manicure. The created flowers and other patterns with acrylic are short-lived, but it is very beautiful.

Manicure for the bride with modeling and rhinestones Sculpture on a manicure for the bride in the form of flowers Delicate voluminous manicure for a wedding

Tip: If you want to make nail sculpting, then do it one or two days before the wedding. After the wedding, before leaving on a trip, this manicure is best removed.

For the trip, choose a different design of fashionable manicure for summer or winter. So hands for a long period of time will be well-groomed and beautiful.

Aquarium manicure for the bride

Aquarium nail design is the most durable and beautiful manicure. It must be performed on extended nails. The main feature of this type of manicure is that the entire design (rhinestones, paint, varnish, modeling) is covered with a layer of transparent acrylic. An aquarium effect is created - it looks stylish and unique.

Delicate aquarium manicure with a rose for a wedding Wedding manicure in watercolor

Manicure - nail extension for the wedding

Art nails for sculpting

If the bride’s nails are fragile and flaky, and long nails are needed for the design, then it is worth building.

Wedding nails for wedding 2016

Tip: To choose the appropriate length, do the extension procedure two days before the wedding. So you get used to the new nails, and if something does not work, you can fix it.

If you chose a plain design, without additional decorations and frills, then decide on the color of the varnish in advance.

Tip: Agree in advance with your master about the procedure for manicure and nail extensions for the wedding, so that there are no unexpected "surprises".

The color of the varnish on the nails and through the clear glass of the bottle may vary significantly. Therefore, at home, apply the acquired nail polish on one nail and evaluate how its color will combine with the overall image.

Original manicure for extended nails

Wedding nails - manicure for the bride

Stylish wedding nails

The bride is the embodiment of beauty and tenderness. Choose only suitable nail polish colors for wedding nails - white, peach, all shades of nude and light pink. The manicure for the bride can be of a different color if the wedding is themed and the newlyweds have suits of a certain style and color.

Pink manicure for the bride Classic pink manicure for a wedding

Important: If you are sure that you can independently perform a manicure, do it at home. For beautiful and healthy nails, it is enough to correct the form and apply a suitable varnish color.

Beige wedding manicure on your nails

Wedding french manicure

Wedding jacket with a pattern

The bride attracts the views of others. All day and evening, she will be in the spotlight, so her image should be stylish and beautiful. Wedding French manicure is suitable for any image of the bride. There are many varieties of French manicure, so every lady should choose for herself something special.

Pattern in the form of lace on a manicure for a wedding.

3D manicure models. This design is carried out using acrylic powder. Additional jewelry - rhinestones, sparkles, but you can do without them.

Romantic wedding manicure

Romantic wedding manicure. Delicate design using small rhinestones, a small amount of lace and silver sequins.

French manicure with rhinestones for the bride

French manicure with rhinestones. In this design, rhinestones are a highlight. They can be of unusual size and color, they can be many or, conversely, few. It all depends on the personal preferences of the bride.

Wedding lace manicure

Elegant wedding french manicure with lace. The end result will be impressive. The image of a bride with such a manicure will be admired by everyone around.

Extravagant wedding manicure

Fashionable extravagance. Inlaid gold and silver threads, Swarovski crystals, small shiny stones - all this is chosen by a spectacular bride who knows what she wants.

Stylish manicure for a themed wedding

Tip: Don't be afraid to experiment and bring your ideas to life!

Manicure Ideas for a Wedding

Spectacular wedding manicure

Form is of great importance for a wedding manicure. Some girls prefer a spatula shape for their celebration, while others prefer a classic - a rounded shape. Feminine almond-shaped nails look. Sharp nails faded into the background, but some brides still make long nails with pointed ends for a wedding.

You can highlight the following basic ideas for manicure for a wedding:

  1. The combination of color nude and french. Beading in different colors
French with beads

2. Art modeling in pink colors. Trimmed French Lacquer

Manicure for the bride with acrylic modeling

3. Delicate jacket with patterns on each finger - stylish and beautiful

Wedding jacket with patterns

4. A simple jacket that every bride can do for herself

Simple wedding french

5. Lace-french or lace on the whole nail - gently and elegantly

Lace in a wedding manicure for the bride

6. Art modeling, stones and rhinestones

Wedding manicure for the bride with volumetric acrylic flowers and rhinestones

7. French on long nails, with a pattern and rhinestones on one finger

French with a pattern on one finger

8. Finishing a wedding manicure with gold

French with gold for a wedding

9. Manicure "casting with liquid stones"

Wedding manicure with liquid stones

10. Wedding manicure with glitter

Glitter manicure for a wedding

Shellac manicure for the bride

Fashionable manicure with shellac for a wedding

Shellac is a manicure that contains varnish and gel at the same time. Thanks to him, the manicure will last a long time, and the nails will be well-groomed for a long time. Shellac manicure for the bride can be done on both short and long nails. Design is chosen by anyone. Various decorations, as well as drawings and patterns are suitable for shellac.

Shellac design and rhinestones manicure decoration

Such popular manicure should be attributed to popular types of design with shellac:

  • French shellac. Draw a white line and the manicure is ready
  • amber. Use delicate colors: pink, beige and peach with a transition to white.
  • shellac with a pattern of "flowers" or "lace". Such a manicure is best done by the master, since it is difficult to draw such patterns on your own
  • decoration of shellac with rhinestones and beads. Use any jewelry that suits your taste.
Manicure with shellac for the bride with a simple design

Tip: You can come up with your own design and show creative talent in the design of manicure. It will turn out unusual and unique!

White nail polish - matte sophistication

White matte manicure for the bride

The matte texture of white varnish looks gorgeous. But without design, such a manicure will look boring. Therefore, it is necessary to do a manicure with white varnish, adding jewelry. Such refined haze will help to highlight well-groomed hands in the image of a bride.

White matt lacquer with decoration

Tip: Apply matte varnish in several layers to get a smooth, uniform matte finish.

Important: For a matte varnish you don’t need too long nails - this is a great solution for a bride who naturally has her own healthy and strong nails.

White matte varnish with colored decorations

White polish - a beautiful moon manicure

White moon manicure with silver for the bride

Lunar manicure with white varnish is usually done on short nails and nails of medium length. This design looks sophisticated and impressive. Brides use white polish to create a beautiful moon manicure.

Gentle moon manicure

You can make a moon manicure and decorate it with rhinestones on one nail - sophisticated and original.

White moon manicure with rhinestones

The lunar manicure with transparent stripes and a heart on one nail looks unique.

Lunar manicure for the bride with transparent stripes and a heart

In this version of the moon manicure, the transparent heart is decorated with rhinestones, and on the other hand rhinestones are located neatly on the side of the nail.

Fashionable moonlight wedding manicure

White nails - fashionable manicure with flowers

Glitter clear lacquer and white flowers

White color is always out of fashion, and for the outfit of the bride is the most popular color. Of course, different shades of pink and beige are also in demand, but white is an indisputable favorite. Therefore, brides often use white nails to design a manicure. It is worth considering several options for a fashionable manicure with flowers and other patterns.

White manicure with blue flowers looks original. Suitable for the image of the bride, in the outfit of which there is this color.

White manicure with blue flowers.

Delicate pink flowers nicely placed on a white French manicure.

White French manicure with pink flowers.

It’s impossible to make artistic sculpting in the form of a rose on your own, and the master will perform such a manicure for the bride at a highly professional level.

Manicure for the bride with artistic sculpting in the form of roses

Add more rhinestones and beads to the sculpting, and the manicure will turn into an enchanting work of art.

Art modeling from acrylic of unique beauty for a wedding

White manicure "with an accent" - photo

The emphasis in manicure on one finger makes the nail design unique.

Tip: Choose a white manicure "with a twist" for the wedding, and you will be irresistible at the official part of the celebration and in the evening.

Photos allow you to choose a design that is ideal for a particular beauty.

White manicure with an emphasis on one finger Wedding manicure with rhinestones and a pattern on one finger White manicure with a predominance of silver Rhinestone accented nude

Wedding Design - Short Manicure

Bride with fashionable manicure on short nails.

Before performing a manicure on short nails, it is necessary to determine the shape - rectangular or oval. Wedding design for a short length of the nail plate should be natural. Ornaments, rhinestones, lace - a minimum of chic and a maximum of simplicity. Any short manicure should be done with quality varnish.

Beautiful design of nails for the bride

Tip: Use shellac for short nails. It will last on the nail plate for more than 2 weeks, and you will not need to worry about the condition of your nails.

Short nails decoration

White manicure on short nails

White manicure for short nails decorated with rhinestones

For short nails, it is difficult to find a shade that will increase and adjust the shape of the nail. White color does it perfectly. Therefore, if the bride has her own natural, but short nails, you should not immediately run to the master and make extensions. You can make an exquisite white manicure on short nails.

Fashionable manicure for the bride on short nails

Wedding manicure for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids with french manicure

Bridesmaids should look beautiful and stylish at the wedding. Their image should be a little more modest than the image of the bride, but dresses should be chosen based on the entire format of the celebration.

Stylish manicure for bridesmaids

Wedding manicure for bridesmaids should be on top. It can be performed as chic as the bride or a little easier. For example, if the bride has art nails on her nails, then her girlfriends can be manicured using a jacket, moon manicure or aquarium design. The nails of the bridesmaids should be combined with their outfits and makeup.

Fashionable manicure on short nails for bridesmaids

Stylish manicure for bridesmaids

If the bride decided that she would have a manicure with short nails, then the bridesmaids should have a manicure of the same length. There are many options for fashionable manicure on short nails for bridesmaids. Photos will help you see what kind of design happens, but it should be chosen in accordance with the images.

Fashionable wedding varnish color for bridesmaids

A wedding is a celebration that happens once, and everyone has different tastes. So that the master does not do something that you may not like, think in advance the design of your wedding manicure. Before you go to the master to perform a manicure, save the photo. Approach the choice of nail design for yourself responsibly, because it must correspond to the overall image of the bride.

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