Best turmeric unwanted hair removal recipes forever at home

That just do not apply to remove unwanted hair. Let's find out how to get rid of them yourself at home with the help of turmeric.

Nowadays, a woman is considered well-groomed if she follows hygiene, looks after her appearance, clothes, makes beautiful, discreet make-up and she does not have hair in the wrong places. Namely: on the face, legs, in the bikini area, etc. To get rid of excess hair, ladies use various methods. Let's look at one of them: hair removal at home in a folk way using an oriental spice - turmeric.

Turmeric Properties Against Unwanted Hair Growth

The second name of turmeric - turmeric is a plant in the ginger family. Its taste and useful properties were discovered in the Middle Ages in Southeast India. This spice is made from the rhizomes of a herbaceous plant, which grows up to two meters in height. Turmeric leaves are oval oblong in dark green.

In the composition of the roots of the plant there are many vitamins (TO, AT 2, AT, WITH, IN 3), minerals, namely: iodine, iron, phosphorus, calcium. In addition, in the leaves, roots of turmeric there is essential aromatic oils and dye bright yellow color.

IMPORTANT: Store the spice in a dry place in a closed container. After two years, the powder cannot be used. It loses its beneficial properties.

Useful properties of turmeric

Several centuries ago, our ancestors knew about the healing and cosmetic properties of this spice and successfully used them in practice.

  • Spice has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. With the help of turmeric, you can effectively cleanse the body, restore the microflora in the intestines
  • Turmeric is sometimes compared with a natural antibiotic, because it copes with colds. However, spice does not have the same negative effect on the patient’s organs as an antibiotic. Turmeric does not violate the intestinal microflora, does not cause destruction of liver cells, etc.
  • Yellow powder has a choleretic effect, is a powerful antioxidant, removes harmful components from the body.
  • If you regularly use turmeric as a spice, then you will not have senile dementia (Alzheimer's disease)
  • Spice is an effective tool in the fight against diabetes, overweight. With the help of turmeric, you can restore normal metabolism, cleanse the body of cholesterol
  • Panacea is an auxiliary supplement in the treatment of arthritis, migraine, dysbiosis, atherosclerosis, colitis, gastrointestinal diseases, flatulence, gallstone disease
  • Turmeric is used to treat tumors of various etiologies; in dentistry it is used as an antiseptic for gums
  • In cosmetology, turmeric is used to improve the condition of the skin. After all, it has a healing, stimulating, antibacterial effect on the skin. In addition, the spice is used to treat burns.
  • Seasoning with other ingredients is effective for removing unwanted hair from various parts of the body.

IMPORTANT: Turmeric is a potent remedy. He has contraindications. Examine them before using spices.


In general, turmeric is considered a safe food supplement. An adult can take a teaspoon of powder per day. But there are warnings:

  • do not use spice if you have allergic reactions to it
  • during pregnancy, the use of turmeric is allowed, only first notify your obstetrician about this, if he does not prohibit the supplement, then use
  • do not use for exacerbations of biliary dyskinesia
  • Do not use the spice with other drugs without consulting a doctor

IMPORTANT: Before using the powder for cosmetic purposes as a part of masks. Put the mixture on your wrist - do a test test.

Turmeric in Cosmetology: Turmeric Hair Removal Forever

In the previous section, we learned about the properties of miraculous seasoning and its contraindications, now we will consider how to use turmeric to remove unwanted “vegetation” in various areas of the body.

As sometimes annoying, especially in the summertime, constantly do depilation on the legs, in the bikini area, sometimes on the face. I must say bluntly - the process is not pleasant. The sensations that ladies experience to be beautiful can be quite painful. To reduce the frequency of depilation or even get rid of bored hair, use masks with turmeric.

They should be used in a certain sequence.

  1. Take a bath or shower, do a quality depilation. Hair must be removed with bulbs
  2. Test the mask with turmeric on your wrist. To do this, apply the composition to the skin and hold for half an hour. If there is no discomfort, then you can use the mixture without fear
  3. Apply consistency to areas of the body where the depilation was done. Moreover, you do not need to rub the mask. It is enough to smudge it slightly and leave for 20-27 minutes
  4. Then cleanse the remnants from the body. Composition with turmeric should not have any discomfort on the skin

IMPORTANT: You may need to do the procedure more than once. After all, hair has a wonderful ability to restore its growth, even if the bulbs have completely lost their functionality. All people have different abilities of the body.

Turmeric for the body: hair removal recipes

At home, you can get rid of excess vegetation in different areas using masks from turmeric. For their preparation, you will need simple components that you can buy in a supermarket, cosmetics store, pharmacy.

RECIPE: Take regular peas, grind it on a coffee grinder. For the composition you will need one large spoon of such flour and two turmeric powder. Then pour a little water to get a thick consistency.

RECIPE: For such a mixture, mix two tablespoons of turmeric with a small amount of regular cow's milk. The mass should be similar to a regular cream.

RECIPE: Buy a regular baby cream, mix it with turmeric powder to make a thick slurry.

RECIPE: Take one part of soy flour and two - turmeric, mix thoroughly in a salad bowl. Add a little yogurt without preservatives, fragrances to the mass, so that the composition looks like a fat cream and use.

RECIPE: Take one papaya fruit, peel. Grind it, add 10 grams of spice to the pulp, mix, apply to the problem area for 14-23 minutes.

Turmeric for hair removal: tips and reviews

  • This spice has proven itself in many areas of cosmetology. The ladies who used it speak positively about turmeric. After all, hair really stops growing, and in some it slows down growth
  • The skin condition is also improving. She becomes well-groomed, smooth, supple, shiny. With the help of the drug, the fair sex gets rid of annoying black spots, age spots, small scars, inflammations
  • But there are negative aspects to this panacea. Turmeric gives the skin a yellow tint. This is especially noticeable in girls with white skin. And for people with sensitive skin it’s better not to use such a mask, it can cause irritation
  • To remove the yellow color from various parts of the body after applying the mixture with turmeric, rinse turmeric first with warm water, and then with skin lotion. Normal milk helps well from a yellowish tint.

IMPORTANT: Use caution with masks with turmeric if you have white skin. Before applying the composition, do a test test.

If you regularly use turmeric to get rid of hair growth, then quickly achieve excellent results. To do this, you just need a little time and a little bit of patience.