What is a false pregnancy? In what cases does it occur?

False pregnancy expresses a woman's mental imbalance. In addition, it causes hormonal disruptions and nervous disorders.

The psycho-emotional state of a woman, in which she is confident that she will soon become a mother and already physically feels herself pregnant, but actually she is not, is called a false pregnancy.

This is a rare form of mental disorder that is “reinforced” by obvious plausible signs of pregnancy: lack of menstruation, enlarged abdomen, morning toxicosis. Some women who survived a false pregnancy are sure that they clearly felt the tremors of the baby.

Pseudo-pregnancy can go so far that a woman will need not only the help of a gynecologist, but also the advice of a psychotherapist.

False pregnancy: an exceptional case or a mockery of nature?

False pregnancy usually occurs in unbalanced, impressionable women. The impetus for the development of pathology can be any nervous shock or prolonged strong experiences. Most often they are associated with pregnancy and childbirth. So, for example, women over 35 - 37 years old who are trying to get pregnant for a long time but unsuccessfully fall into a risk zone and are very worried about this.

But there is a flip side to the coin. If some women earn pseudo-pregnancy as a result of a strong desire to have a baby, then in others it develops against the backdrop of a persistent fear of an accidental unplanned pregnancy.

Both of these types of psychological changes are accompanied by stress, anxiety, anxiety, which as a result leads to hormonal imbalance. In rare cases, mock pregnancy develops in women during menopause.

IMPORTANT: Close relatives need to be sympathetic to this condition of a woman and try to provide moral support.

The Psychology of False Pregnancy

In addition to a strong obsessive desire or, conversely, a woman’s unwillingness to have a baby, factors provoking the development of a false pregnancy can be:

  • miscarriage, missed pregnancy or death of a child
  • problems with a husband that a woman subconsciously tries to solve by giving birth to a child
  • unexpected news about the pregnancy of a best friend, colleague, sister or other close relative

Such events make a woman experience emotional upheaval, experience feelings that can "project" a state of pregnancy onto herself.

What are the symptoms of false pregnancy?

The signs of a false pregnancy are no different from the signs of a real pregnancy. Women note:

  • lack of periods
  • tingling sensation
  • nausea and vomiting that are considered toxicosis
  • changes in the shape and volume of the abdomen
  • fatigue, drowsiness, weakness
  • weight gain
  • sensation of a baby moving in the abdomen closer to the 20th week of "pregnancy"
  • the emergence of new unusual taste preferences
  • change in psychoemotional state

IMPORTANT: All signs of an imaginary pregnancy can be found if you wish to find a logical explanation, thereby proving that this condition is false.

Can menstruation disappear with a false pregnancy. What are the real reasons for missing menstruation?

The condition of false pregnancy is characterized by the absence of menstruation. In addition to the mental, the cause of this phenomenon can be one or more of many factors:

  • violation of metabolic processes of the body
  • increased physical activity
  • lack of vitamins
  • endocrine disorders
  • rapid weight loss as a result of a strict diet or other restriction in food
  • hormonal imbalance due to recent abortion
  • uterine damage due to surgery
  • inflammation of the fallopian tubes or appendages
  • uterine fibroids
  • polycystic or ovarian cyst
  • birth control pills
  • amenorrhea

IMPORTANT: To determine the true cause of delayed menstruation during a false pregnancy, you need to consult a gynecologist who will select the necessary treatment.

Suppressed sexuality and exhaustion - the causes of false pregnancy?

One of the factors contributing to the development of false pregnancy is the general exhaustion of the body, which occurs as a result of excessive excessive physical exertion or moral oppression.

Suppressed sexuality is a consequence of such a stressful lifestyle of a woman. This condition may be aggravated with the appearance of signs of false pregnancy.

Is false pregnancy dangerous?

False pregnancy alone will not pose a serious health threat, but it can cause a lot of trouble. First of all, this is an increase in mental stress, aggravation of the difficult emotional state of the false pregnant.

When a woman living with hope and dreams of a future baby, whom she already “feels” in her stomach, finds out that the desired pregnancy is just an illusion, a figment of her imagination, self-deception, she falls into deep depression.

IMPORTANT: This condition is most dangerous, as it can become a prerequisite for suicide attempts. Therefore, the first time after the discovery of a false pregnancy, a woman should not be left alone.

Since false pregnancy sometimes occurs against the background of hormonal failure, the need for hormone therapy may join psychological trauma. All this can “corner” a woman who, more recently, was preparing for a happy motherhood.

How is a false pregnancy?

False pregnancy can occur in different ways, depending on the severity of the symptoms. If a woman experiences all the signs of a real pregnancy, her condition is fully consistent with the condition of the pregnant woman.

In the first weeks, toxicosis and dizziness appear, an acute reaction to some smells, periods do not come, colostrum can stand out from the mammary glands. Then the "pregnant" notes changes in the figure and the appearance of "baby movements" in the abdomen.

If the woman is not helped in time to get out of the state of imaginary pregnancy, she may continue to be mistaken about her condition right up to the alleged birth. This happened at a time when ultrasound and special test strips were not yet used to determine pregnancy.

How long does a false pregnancy usually take? How does it usually end?

If you do not determine a false pregnancy using the test at an "early date", then the disease can progress and continue on average up to 3 - 3.5 months. In most cases, by this time the symptoms are weakening, the stomach is "not growing" anymore, the menstrual cycle is restored and the woman realizes that her condition was imaginary.

However, self-deception can last much longer. A woman does not want to allow negative thoughts about the state of the "fetus" and deliberately does not visit a gynecologist and does not do tests. In such cases, a false pregnancy is delayed for a longer period. Only a psychologist can help a woman get out of this state.

False pregnancy treatment. Will only a psychologist help?

After examination by a gynecologist and confirmation of his diagnosis, a woman needs to visit a psychotherapist. It will help determine the true psychological causes of this disease.

After several conversations, the therapist will help the woman determine the right way out of the situation. You may need hypnosis or other professional methods of influencing the psyche.

IMPORTANT: If false pregnancy occurs due to the presence of gynecological diseases and has nothing to do with the mental health of a woman, this condition can be interrupted with medication. An endocrinologist prescribes a complex of drugs that can normalize the balance of substances in a woman's body. After completing the course of treatment, a false pregnancy ends.

How to determine if a pregnancy is false: tips and reviews

To determine a false pregnancy in most cases, you can use the test. If instead of the treasured two strips a woman sees one and can accept it, everything will end at this stage. To "be safe" you can pass an analysis of hCG.

If the cause of the false pregnancy is hormonal failure, the test can give a positive result. In this case, you need the help of a gynecologist. The doctor will examine the patient and detect the absence of signs of pregnancy. If the doctor has doubts, he will refer the woman to an ultrasound scan, the results of which are not in doubt.

IMPORTANT: In difficult cases, additional examination of the pelvic organs and abdominal cavity may be necessary.

Anna: “It happens, my sister went through this. She dreamed of a baby, but could not get pregnant for a long time. There was a delay on this basis. My sister rushed to the antenatal clinic for joy, but the doctor diagnosed“ false ”

Natalie: “When I became pregnant, a colleague at work said that she also wants to give birth. By the way, she already has two children. A month after our conversation, the employee showed me a blood test that confirmed her pregnancy. Moreover, she almost immediately "The stomach began to grow. But when she came to the ultrasound at 10 weeks, it turned out that her stomach was empty. I still don’t understand how it could be. My employee is on sick leave, she’s experiencing a nervous shock"

Laura: “My mother’s friend had a false pregnancy. It happened when they didn’t give blood to HCG yet, and they didn’t even hear about ultrasound. This woman walked with a decent belly for about 5 months, she even felt the baby moving. And then the menstruation started and that’s all ...” pregnancy "ended. After that incident, she endured and gave birth to two normal healthy babies"

For every woman, the appearance of the first signs of pregnancy should be a reason for immediately contacting a gynecologist. Only a specialist will be able to accurately determine the onset of false pregnancy and prescribe an effective remedy that will help quickly and without consequences for the patient’s health eliminate this unhealthy condition.

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