A conspiracy to call the one who is needed: a strong gypsy, bright, for a stranger, a person from whom there has been no news for a long time, on someone else's accessory: text, sequence of actions, instructions

There are situations that the person whose call we are waiting for does not ring. In this case, conspiracies come to the rescue.

The first love can not do without stormy emotions and emotions. In today's world, a lot of time is given to talking on the phone. Therefore, a guy’s phone call to his girlfriend can be regarded as a sign of attention.

The conspiracy to call whoever is needed: basic rules

Sometimes waiting for a phone ring from a chosen one turns into a real torture. While the guy is busy with his problems, the girl is ready to hypnotize the phone for hours. The lack of a promised call can be a serious cause for concern. While one person loses patience and self-control, another may not call because of banal constraint.

To call the right person, use the conspiracies of light magic. By speeding up the long-awaited call, you can avoid unnecessary worries and omissions. Various rituals are used depending on the circumstances. Despite its simplicity and harmlessness, conspiracy requires a responsible attitude and compliance with several rules.


The basic rules for conspiracy that called whoever is needed:

  • During the ceremony, it is necessary to concentrate on the image of the person to whom the conspiracy is addressed.
  • At the time of magical actions in the room should not be strangers and objects that violate the silence.
  • The power of the ritual is able to increase the subject with the energy of the right person, which is in your hands.
  • A conspiracy to call, the one who is needed, capable of causing pain and suffering to other people, has destructive power. Therefore, everything needs to be done only for the good.
  • When reading the words of the conspiracy, to call, the one who is needed, in one hand you need to hold a lit candle. In the absence of a candle, the ritual is best done on the street.
  • In order to avoid negative consequences, do not abuse the amount of rituals performed.
  • A conspiracy to call, the one who is needed must be pronounced until the end of the burning of the candle.
  • Before preparing for the ritual, it is advisable to learn the phone number and mentally pronounce it.
To call
  • Ritual words must be pronounced with full confidence in their effectiveness.
  • Rites for the call are held both day and night. In the absence of a candle, they must be repeated at least 3 times.
  • Actions that attract the long-awaited call do not contain malicious intent. The duration and content of the phone call will depend on you.

A strong gypsy conspiracy to call whoever is needed

A specific set of actions will help you get in touch with the right person. In some cases, the strength of this conspiracy compensates for the absence of a call with a welcome meeting.

  • To implement the ritual, prepare a thin candle, according to the type of church. Next, you need to take a transparent glass and fill it with wine a little more than half. The more natural the product, the more effective the ritual.
  • Take a classic ring without intricate shapes and stones. Jewelry should belong to you and carry your energy. The ring is threaded through a scarlet thread and suspended in the form of a pendulum. Position the glass so that the pendulum is above it, but with the ring lowered into the unfilled part of the vessel. For a stable position, lean on your elbow.
  • Say your name. The movement of the suspension should provoke the contact of the ring with the sides of the glass. The number of rings should match the number of letters in your name. Repeat this manipulation with voicing the name of the person whose call we are expecting.
Call waiting

After the spoken names, the ring is immersed in the liquid until the end of the combustion of the candle. Your thoughts at this time should be turned to the desired object. Try presenting your dialogue over the phone or in person. The phone call of the one who needs to be heard within 10 days.

A bright conspiracy to call whoever is needed

An effective way is advisable to realize when a loved one does not consciously attach importance to calls, considering them useless. The rite is effective in the case of irresponsible behavior of a lover who forgets to call you due to employment or forgetfulness.

Let's try to correct the behavior of a loved one using magic conspiracy, to call, the one who needs. To carry out the ceremony, under any pretext it is necessary to borrow a phone from your other half for a short while.

The phone speaks up without the presence of strangers. Choose the moment when you are alone in an apartment or in a house. Attach two phones - yours and your beloved - with screens to each other. Fasten them together with red wool thread. The thread must form one unit from two phones. It is necessary to speak a magic conspiracy over the objects of the plot:

"My phone is ringing. I want to hear my favorite voice on the phone every day. Like the stars in the sky, like sunlight during the day, let him need me. Let our telephones contact for a long time. So be it."

During the ritual, imagine how the desired bell rings. Hear the desired melody and mentally draw the phone number of your loved one. Think over the details of your telephone conversation and imbue with the desired emotions.


At the end of the ritual, untie the thread and divide it in half. One half should stay with you. The soulmate must be placed between the things of a loved one so that he could not find it. Otherwise, the conspiracy will be invalid. Unused pockets in clothing and accessories are perfect.

A conspiracy to call the right, but unfamiliar person

If you recently made an interesting acquaintance and are looking forward to a call, then a good solution will be conspiracy to call recent acquaintance. A similar rite is relevant for a recent acquaintance. After a large amount of time, a positive result will be more difficult to achieve.

This ritual is recommended at midnight. It is necessary to cover the countertop with red shades. Place a singed fixed candle on top. Place your phone near the source of fire. Look at the phone, imagine that it will now light up and speak simple words:

"Amiable and familiar timbre, I wish to hear from you. You have stolen my heart, you have taken control of your soul. Rather, call me (speak the phone numbers)".

To call
  • From a melted candle wax, it is necessary to form a small ball. It is also necessary to speak ritual words. The wax ball should be with your phone - in a case, in a bag, in your pocket. After the desired bell rings, the ball needs to be thrown out.
  • Such a ball can be brought with you to a social event just in case. If you like someone, then you should find an opportunity to throw him this enchanted item.
  • This will help to attract attention to you and provide the desired number of phone calls. If you are visiting, then you can attach the ball under the shoe insole.

A conspiracy to call a person from whom there has been no news for a long time

If you are not left with memories of a person from the past, then you can try to restore communication. In order to inspire memories of you to the desired object, you must read the plot. A special ritual can manifest itself not only in the form of a phone call, but also other signs.

Words are spoken in the middle of the night with access to fresh air. Try to keep the wind flow at you.


Going to bed, do not forget to think about a conceived person. Imagine your phone conversation and the emotions you experience. The call plot is repeated for three nights.

A conspiracy to call the one who is needed, to someone else's accessory

Any thing left by a chosen one in your home can come in handy in a conspiracy to call whoever is needed. The conspiracy is attributed to light magic, so do not be afraid of the negative consequences. If the young man has another lover, then your actions will not affect their relationship.

Another suitable option may be a thing that has been in use by a particular person for some time. With the help of a conspiracy to call whoever is needed, one can try to regain the lost attention of a loved one or attract a young man from a recent acquaintance. If this person is often in the circle of your friends, and you want him to call you, try to take hold of some sort of his trinket.

Before reading the ritual, pick up the selected item. Send her your emotions and desires. Repeat the plot an odd number of times in a row.


"(Name of the chosen one), I’m interested in you, why don’t you want to make a call and talk with me? I’m slender and beautiful, interesting and kind to you. Take your contact means and dial my contact numbers (number). Dial my pleasant voice on the phone will fill you with joy. "

For the successful implementation of the plan, make the most of your energy. Hidden words will give you strength and inspiration to continue the desired relationship. Support your rites with love and good intentions.