How to look beautiful during pregnancy? Can I cut and dye my hair, use makeup? Skin care for stretch marks and face

In this article you will find out what procedures it is safe to do during pregnancy, whether it is possible to visit your beautician and beauty salons.

A pregnant woman cannot be not attractive! And explains this increase in the production of hormones such as progesterone and endorphins, which calm the psyche of a woman and provide a good mood.

But many pregnant women are very worried about their appearance, so we will give some tips to help you look even better!

How to become more beautiful during pregnancy?

And the answer to this question is very simple! Continue to take care of yourself, as before, just consider a few nuances:

  • if you dyed your hair, consider replacing the dye with a natural one, based on henna or basma, or without ammonia dye
  • perhaps under the influence of hormones you will temporarily change the type of skin, pick up new cosmetics that will match it
  • rashes may appear on the skin, purchase cosmetics that will help to cope with them
  • add cream and oil from stretch marks to your arsenal to prevent the last
  • hair and nails may become brittle, this happens due to a lack of vitamins that you now need in double volume, so reconsider your diet or drink vitamins for pregnant women
  • monitor the condition of the teeth, a lack of vitamins may affect them
  • try to choose natural cosmetics, they do not contain hazardous substances and certainly will only bring benefits

What procedures should be done by a cosmetologist during pregnancy?

Love visiting a beautician, but are afraid to hurt? Why deny yourself something ?! Let's find out what procedures you can do.

  • Face massage. With this procedure, lymphatic drainage improves, swelling decreases, fluid is removed from the body, which is very necessary during pregnancy
  • Foot massage. Definitely shown! It will help relieve stress and it’s just a very pleasant procedure. The only thing with varicose veins is it is still contraindicated
  • Face masks. Let your beautician pick up a natural mask with a pleasant smell to you to avoid the undesirable effects of toxicosis
  • Face peeling. It is better to choose herbal peelings or surface-midline, because they are made based on herbs
  • Body peeling. Can only be made with salt
  • Manicure and pedicure. The only thing is, you can’t extend your nails, everything else is possible and even necessary for a good mood
  • Epilation and depilation. It’s better to stay with a razor or an epilator for now, you can also use a depilation cream
  • Hair dyeing. We already mentioned this, you just need to change the dye to natural and dye your hair to health
  • Mesotherapy Provided that plant extracts, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are used, they will not damage

IMPORTANT: When visiting a beautician, be sure to tell him about your delicate situation!

How to protect the skin from age spots during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, many women during pregnancy are affected by this problem. And you need to approach its solution carefully, because during pregnancy, not all remedies are good.

To begin with, let's figure out what they come from. There are several reasons for this:

  • hormones in the body increase, because of this a lot of melanin is released in the skin cells and if it is collected in one place, spots appear
  • maybe you took some hormonal drugs before pregnancy or drugs for epilepsy
  • the body lacks vitamins, especially folic acid
  • exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • use of poor quality cosmetics
  • possible disturbances in the work of the ovaries, pituitary, and liver
  • if your mom or grandmother had this, it’s likely that this is a genetic predisposition

Unfortunately, nothing can be done with the first and last points, but you can fight the rest.

  • Talk to your doctor and drink vitamins.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight, especially during the warmer months.
  • Take an examination before planning your baby and heal if necessary

If pigment spots still appear, there are several methods of dealing with them. Perhaps they will not go away at all, but they will become much less noticeable.

  • Natural tonics. Shortly before bedtime, apply one of these juices to your face: lemon, sour cabbage, cucumber, onions, sweet pepper, parsley, cranberries, red currants, raspberries
  • Compresses Put gauze on your face for 15 minutes, before soaking it in one of these solutions: mix 2 tbsp. milk and as much sour cream; 1 tablespoon lemon juice and twice as much honey; yogurt
  • Ice cubes. Natural product juices can be frozen in an ice mold and wiped with skin in the morning
  • Masks Masks made from natural products are applied for 15 minutes and then washed off with a little warm water. To do this, mix 2 tbsp. cottage cheese and kefir or 2 tablespoons grated cucumber with 1 tablespoon chopped parsley

These natural remedies are good because they do not contain chemical components that can harm the baby, so if you are not allergic to these ingredients, use them for health.

Is it possible to do face cleansing during pregnancy?

Of course, you can do this cosmetic procedure, namely its types:

  • mechanical
  • hardware (ultrasound)
  • laser
  • vacuum

All of these methods are safe, and the first two are the most popular.

But electric cleaning (disincrustation) is not advised to do, because consequences for a pregnant woman can be unpredictable.

Can face peeling be done during pregnancy?

Facial peels are different:

  • at home
  • chemical
  • mechanical
  • enzymatic

During pregnancy, you can do peelings at home, BUT it is desirable to use natural products or cosmetics containing natural ingredients. In addition to home treatments, you can do peeling in the cabin. The most sparing are enzymatic, also weak chemical ones.

There is still ultrasonic peeling, but it is better to abstain from it nevertheless.

Peelings containing retinol or trichloroacetic acid are clearly contraindicated.

IMPORTANT: In pregnant women, the skin is more sensitive, so an allergic reaction can occur even to the most harmless cosmetics.

Can I use makeup during pregnancy?

The answer is yes - YES! How can a woman live without makeup for as long as 9 months ?! No way! Therefore, you can use, of course, but carefully, because hypersensitivity can cause irritation to the usual care products. We repeat again - you need to choose cosmetics with the content of natural components, with a pleasant smell, or better without it.

What cosmetics for pregnant women?

Of decorative cosmetics, it is better to give preference to hypoallergenic, and carefully check the expiration dates.

Look at the composition - it should not contain retinol, bergamot extracts and soy.

If your previous care products are no longer suitable, try baby cosmetics or the special line "For mothers and children", it passes strict control and should not cause any negative reactions.

Remedies for stretch marks on the abdomen, chest, hips during pregnancy

The pregnant woman gains weight and with the growth of the abdomen, stretch marks often appear on such "problem" zones as the chest, abdomen and hips. This is due to the tension of the skin, it does not withstand and bursts - stripes appear.

There are several other causes of stretch marks:

  • hormonal changes increase skin sensitivity
  • elastane and collagen, which promote skin elasticity, are produced in smaller amounts in pregnant women
  • with sudden changes, the skin cannot react correctly, and this leads to stretch marks
  • skin elasticity is not unlimited, therefore, a gap may occur at the site of severe tension
  • genetic predisposition

How to smear the skin so that there are no stretch marks?

Follow these tips:

  1. Ensure proper nutrition to avoid too much and abrupt weight gain.
  2. Eat plenty of protein - it is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and its renewal.
  3. Have plenty of rest - a full sleep provides the body with reserves of beneficial substances, which, among other things, prevent the development of stretch marks
  4. To prevent stretch marks from appearing on the chest, we recommend wearing a bra that supports the chest well
  5. Maternity bandage will also help your skin from sharp sprains
  6. Use special oils and creams from stretch marks that are suitable for pregnant women. They moisturize the skin, increase its elasticity, and help in the production of collagen. The essential oils of lemon, mint, rosewood and grape seed oil, walnut, wheat germ, almond
  7. Regular massage. 10-15 minutes a day, massage your hands or a special mitt with circular motions of the place where stretch marks may occur
  8. Take a contrast shower; it improves skin elasticity

As you can see, there are many ways to deal with this problem and you need to find your own method that will definitely help you, especially if you not only believe in it, but also act!

Is it possible to do manicures and pedicures during pregnancy?

Of course, you can do these procedures for pregnant women, but there are several recommendations:

  • with circumcised manicure there is a risk of infection with viral or infectious diseases, therefore, hardware manicure should be preferred
  • nail polish remover and lacquer itself may contain hazardous components such as formaldehyde or acetone, so it’s best to use varnishes from well-known brands that do not contain them during pregnancy
  • also take into account the fact that varnishes have a strong smell, which can cause an undesirable reaction with toxicosis, so do a manicure in a well-ventilated room or on the balcony
  • do not build up nails during pregnancy, as harmful materials used
  • with a pedicure, you can not do hot baths, firstly, they can provoke a miscarriage in a short time, and secondly, at a later date, they can aggravate varicose veins.

Can I cut and dye my hair during pregnancy?

There is a superstition that pregnant women should not be cut. It came from ancient times, when people believed that their life force is contained in the hair and cutting them, they shorten life. Believe it or not - you decide.

From the point of view of medicine, it is possible to cut the hair of pregnant women. A well-groomed look cheers you up and gives confidence. In addition, cropped hair grows better and faster, becomes stronger. Experts believe that if a woman regularly refreshed her haircut during pregnancy, then after childbirth they will not fall out so much, because the bulbs were not so heavy.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?

Doctors advise the first three months to completely abandon hair dyeing, because this is the most critical period in the formation of organs in the fetus. Yes, and at this time, usually toxicosis suffers women, and paints have a rather pungent odor.

What hair dye to choose during pregnancy?

Most paints are quite harmful to the body, because contain chemical components. However, there are no ammonia paints, they are more gentle, but still not 100% safe, so the choice is yours.

There are also natural paints based on henna and basma, they are perhaps the best option. But are you ready for such experiments? After all, you need to re-select the color, and their choice is very limited in such colors, and the result may not be exactly the one that was expected.

If you still decide to dye your hair, do it better in a well-ventilated area. Before doing this, be sure to test the paint for allergenicity, as even your usual paint during the period of bearing a child can cause allergies.

Can hair lamination be done during pregnancy?

Can! For this procedure, products that contain herbal extracts and proteins that nourish the hair are used. They are completely harmless, they do not include chemicals, they do not cause allergies. After lamination, the hair becomes obedient and shiny, easy to comb and does not split.

Is it possible to do hair curls during pregnancy?

Many women regularly permed. But is it harmful during pregnancy?

As well as hair coloring, you can do a curl, but you need to carefully approach the selection of funds so that they are as safe as possible, and do this procedure as little as possible.

REMEMBER: Hair during pregnancy has a different structure, due to the influence of hormones, and the result of perming may be unpredictable.

Can I drink vitamins for hair and nails during pregnancy?

  • It's no secret that while waiting for a baby, a woman needs a double norm of vitamins and minerals
  • The lack of these substances affects the appearance of the expectant mother: the hair becomes lifeless, split, the nails break, the skin becomes dry and rashes appear, apathy and a bad mood
  • Therefore, a woman needs to additionally drink vitamins. There are special vitamins for pregnant women and their selection is quite large.
  • Among other things, they contain all the necessary benefits for your hair, namely vitamins A, C, B and E, as well as magnesium, iodine and calcium. Before you begin to drink vitamins for pregnant women, be sure to consult your gynecologist

Masks for dryness and hair loss during pregnancy

Often, the condition of the hair during pregnancy improves, but it can happen and vice versa - the hair will become dry, lifeless and begin to fall out. How to deal with this?

Here are some recipes for masks for your hair that will help maintain beauty during pregnancy:

  • Rye bread masks are very effective. Soak the bread in warm water and apply the resulting slurry to the hair roots. You can strain it and rub only liquid so that it is more convenient to wash off such a mask
  • Colorless henna is also good for strengthening hair. It can be used in its pure form, or added to various masks. For example, mix 50g henna with kefir to get a sour cream consistency, heat it in a water bath for about 15 minutes and mix with two ampoules of vitamin B6. Rub the resulting mask into the hair roots. Wrap your head in a towel and hold for 30 minutes, rinse
  • Masks based on chicken yolk. It can be separately applied to the roots for a while before washing your hair, or you can use it in masks. For example, this: 1 egg, 1 tsp. castor oil, 2 tablespoons cognac or vodka. Apply the mask to the roots, hold for 2 hours, rinse
  • It is also very useful to rinse hair with decoctions of such herbs: oak bark, string, chamomile, hop cones, hypericum, peppermint, nettle.
  • Masks with mustard, lemon juice, pepper tincture, honey, brewer's yeast. They activate hair growth and new bulbs.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to test for allergenicity! Any products can cause an undesirable reaction during pregnancy, even if you used them before and everything was fine.

Some tips on how you can help your hair:

  • use the hairdryer and ironing as little as possible
  • wash your head with purified water, you can install a filter on the water supply
  • choose organic and natural shampoos
  • do home masks
  • the comb should be made of natural materials
  • do a head massage more often

Can pregnant women do depilation?

During pregnancy, you can use:

  • The safest way to remove hair is with a razor. But this method is not suitable for everyone and like, because the procedure must be done constantly, which leads to irritation
  • Depilatory creams are another way pregnant allowed. But the cream must be chosen carefully reading the composition and checked for allergenicity before use
  • You can use the electroepilator if you used this method before pregnancy and do not experience strong pain.
  • Waxing, as well as electrolysis, do if you tolerate normally

Do not:

  • salon electric epilation by electric current
  • laser hair removal
  • photoepilation

The pregnant woman's body can unpredictably respond to these types of hair removal, up to a miscarriage, so they are categorically contraindicated. In addition, after such procedures, severe irritation and age spots may appear on the sensitive skin of the pregnant woman.

And a few more tips for expectant mothers:

  • consider the moment that your skin has become more sensitive and irritation is possible
  • painful procedures should be postponed until pregnancy
  • if there are any skin diseases, epilation should not be done
  • if you have extra hair during pregnancy, be patient, after childbirth it will pass

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