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36 questions after which people fall in love, love is inevitable: a list

We all want to love and be loved. But there are secret questions, after which, love is inevitable, we will open them in this article.

Over the search for a means that provokes one of the most mysterious feelings - love, from very ancient times thinkers and medicine men fought. And our contemporaries, psychologist Arthur Aron, had a chance to find him, who proved that ordinary conversation is the best "love spell"!

The only “secret ingredient” of this method consists of 36 specially prepared questions that make men and women who are talking psychologically open up to each other, finding a soul mate and falling in love with it.

36 questions after which love is inevitable

The scientist’s research ended with complete success: couples who began a relationship with a magical conversation, subsequently entered into marriages and created strong families. In addition, such communication has greatly helped men and women in whose relations difficulties have arisen, it is easy to resolve them.

36 questions after which love is inevitable:

  1. Who would you like to have lunch with? (You can choose any person in the whole world).
  2. In which industry would you like to become famous?
  3. Do you rehearse your speech before an important call or performance? Why do you need this?
  4. Describe your "perfect day." What should it be like?
  5. Do you eat at home when no one hears you? Or do you like speaking to listeners?
  6. Which is better: to remain throughout your life a young body or mind?
  7. Have you thought about how exactly you will end your earthly path?
  8. What three character traits are common to you and your soulmate?
  9. What act of other people caused you the most gratitude?
  10. What shortcomings, in your opinion, did your parents make during your upbringing and growing up?
  11. How would you formulate your life story to fit in four minutes?
  12. If you were a superman, then what superpower would you like to possess?


  13. What would you like to know with the help of a predictor from your past, present or future?
  14. Tell us about your unfulfilled dreams and plans. Why didn’t they come true?
  15. What achievement are you most proud of?
  16. Why do you love your friends?
  17. What is the main event you keep in the innermost corner of your heart?
  18. What would you really like to forget about, but fail?
  19. If you suddenly knew (a) that you would die within 12 months, what would you do (a) and for what reason?
  20. Why is a person given true friendship?
  21. What place in your existence is occupied by such concepts as affection and love?
  22. Make a list of five positions, positively characterizing your soulmate.
  23. Have you received enough warmth in your childhood? How strong are your family ties?
  24. How can you describe your relationship with your mom?
  25. What three sentences can be built so that they begin with the pronoun "we" and are completely true? (This refers to phrases about two people talking).
  26. How would you end the sentence: "I want to share with someone ..."?
  27. What secret will you reveal to your close friend?
  28. What qualities of the second half attract you most?

    Fair answers are important

  29. What event in your life do you consider the most terrible?
  30. What caused your tears? When and why did this happen?
  31. What, in your opinion, cannot be joked about under any circumstances?
  32. If your life suddenly ends today, what and to whom would you like to (a) have time to say?
  33. Everyone knows that in case of fire or natural disaster, documents must be saved. What else would you like to take out of the house before its destruction?
  34. Leaving the life of one of your relatives will become an irreplaceable loss for you?
  35. What problem in your personal life can you not cope without outside help? Ask your soulmate for advice.
  36. What memories do you have after your first love?
Love is inevitable

Now you know all 36 questions, after which love is inevitable, and which will help build an open, trusting relationship with your partner. Dare and remember that in this world there is nothing impossible!

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