Strawberry jam recipes: no boiling, five minutes, thick, with whole berries, with gelatin, from Alla Kovalchuk, for the winter. Calorie Strawberry Jam

Strawberry is not only a delicious berry, it can be used to prepare a delicate dessert and aromatic jam. Jam is always in demand, because there is nothing better than toasted toast or pie, seasoned with a thin layer of sweet and fresh strawberry jam. Cooking it is not difficult, and even the youngest and most inexperienced housewife can afford it.

How to Cook Strawberry Jam Five Minutes: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Strawberries and jam that can be made from it is always a treat for the table. It can be added to various pies, cakes, desserts, ice cream and is just a spoon. Berries have an incredible taste, special freshness and juiciness. It is safe to say that strawberries make jam - always!

There are some recipes that require a quick jam, in just five minutes. As a result, you get an incredibly rich and delicious jam that will decorate any cellar and shelf in the pantry.

quick strawberry jam

Strawberry jam, which is popularly called “five-minute”, is good because, firstly, it does not require long idle time on the stove and saves your personal time, preserves the beneficial properties of berries to the maximum without reducing them during cooking, and thirdly, it has an indescribable aroma and rich tasteful.

In order to prepare two half-liter jars of jam you will need:

  • strawberries - not more than a kilogram
  • sugar - not more than a kilogram of absolutely any sugar (someone prefers ordinary, and someone cane)
  • lemon - or rather, one large spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

How does the preparation work:

  • Strawberries should be washed under running water and remove all up to one stalk
  • Choose strawberries of the same size for jam, if you have large strawberries - it is better to cut it in half so that it can boil in five minutes
  • Peeled strawberries should be filled with sugar and kept in this state for a couple of hours, covering the dishes with a strawberry with a towel
  • After letting the water, it should be put on fire for boiling.
  • While the strawberries are boiling, you need to either gently stir it or shake it so that the bottom layer of berries does not burn
  • As it boils on the jam, a foam will form, which must be removed with a wooden or plastic spoon (iron can not be - it will contribute to oxidation)
  • The boiled strawberries are cooled a little and only then rolled

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Strawberry jam without cooking, a simple recipe for cooking

This recipe provides an opportunity for every housewife to make the most healthy jam, which will retain all its vitamins and nutritional values.

You will need to prepare a pole of small jars:

  • strawberries - two kilograms of not large, sweet and ripe strawberries
  • sugar - a kilogram of the most common granulated sugar
  • water - half an ordinary glass
How simple and easy to make delicious strawberry jam without any cooking?


  • The berries are peeled of the stalks and thoroughly washed from dirt under running water, allow time to drain the berries
  • While the berries are flowing, make sugar syrup: just melt the sugar and half a glass of water. It is necessary to boil the syrup to a state of viscosity, almost caramel
  • Pour fresh strawberries with the resulting hot syrup, hold the strawberries in syrup for a while
  • When the strawberries give the juice, strain the syrup and boil it again
  • Such a procedure is worth doing three times and only then the jam is canned and rolled up in jars

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How to make thick strawberry jam: recipe

To make a fabulous thick jam, where each strawberry will be, as they say "berry to berry" is quite real. To do this, cook it for three days, but the result will surely please you and give an incredible taste.

For cooking, only strawberries and sugar are required, which must be drunk in a strict ratio: kilogram to kilogram.

How to make thick strawberry jam?

Jam Cooking:

  1. Peel the berries from the legs, rinse with running water. Choose not very large berries so that they are “similar” to each other
  2. Peeled and washed berries are filled with sugar in a large enameled bowl: bowl, pan, bowl. In this state, they should stay for several hours.
  3. After the berry has allowed enough juice, the whole syrup is drained and boiled for no more than five minutes on fire
  4. The resulting syrup should pour the berry and leave it to "rest"
  5. This procedure is done three times every day.
  6. For the very last time, syrup should not be drained, all the contents together in a bowl are put on fire and boiled
  7. Jam is bottled in sterilized jars and rolled up
  8. This jam is very saturated, thick, the berries remain intact, and the jam takes on a dark red beautiful color.

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How to make strawberry jam for the winter? Recipe

This dessert is the best “guest” on the winter table. By its taste, it reminds everyone of warm summer days, gives vitamins to a person missing and complements a variety of dessert dishes.

How to make strawberry jam for the winter?

Preparing jam for the winter should be correct:

  • As any canning presupposes, the berries are first cleaned of the remaining stalks, and then thoroughly washed from dirt and debris under running water
  • Washed berry must drain and then fall asleep with sugar for at least 3 hours
  • If you cover strawberries for the winter, it is best to keep it in sugar for a whole day at normal room temperature
  • Strawberries that have stood for 24 hours in sugar require boiling over moderate heat
  • After you boil the jam once, you should do it another two, three times within two to three days each
  • Strawberries should be boiled only after they have completely cooled
  • After the last cooking, the strawberry syrup should become thick enough and not flow
  • This jam should be rolled up in sterilized jars and cleaned in the pantry until winter

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How to make strawberry jam from Alla Kovalchuk?

Alla Kovalchuk is a well-known international culinary specialist who has opened to the world an incredibly tasty recipe for canning strawberries. Her strawberry jam is distinguished by its special taste, ease of preparation and beauty.

How to make strawberry jam from Alla Kovalchuk?

You will need in order to prepare this jam a set of not complicated ingredients:

  • strawberries - a kilogram of berries, cleaned from leaflets and cuttings, washed under running water
  • sugar - a kilogram of the most common sugar
  • water - half a liter of purified or mineral water
  • vinegar - it is best to use apple, in an amount of 30 ml
  • lemon juice - freshly squeezed juice in the amount of one tablespoon

Cooking Jam:

  • Berries are washed not in plain water, but with the addition of vinegar
  • Half a liter of water boils and all sugar dissolves in it
  • Pour the berries with ready-made syrup and leave them in this state for two hours
  • After this, it is necessary to boil the jam three times before boiling, each time allowing it to cool for two hours
  • Every time a foam appears on the jam - it must be carefully removed
  • Two minutes before the end of the last cooking, add lemon juice to the jam
  • Jam is poured into sterilized jars and stored in a cool dark place

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How to cook strawberry jam with whole berries?

  • To prepare strawberry jam, which will contain beautiful whole berries, you can use any of the above recipes
  • The secret to making whole berry jam is that it shouldn’t be cooked many times
  • Instead of berries, you boil only three times the syrup, which is obtained after falling asleep with sugar and pouring boiling water over them
  • Pour berries with syrup each time and in no case do not mix them with a spoon
  • It is best to shake the dishes so that the syrup covers each berry
How to make strawberry jam with whole berries?

How to make strawberry jam with gelatin?

Jam, which is prepared with the addition of gelatin, is not only tasty, but also beautiful. In addition, it can be stored for a very long time thanks to this component. Gelatin preserves all the useful elements of berries and provides us with the opportunity to eat them all year round.

For this jam you need:

  • strawberries - fresh berries in the amount of one kilogram
  • sugar - not more than a kilogram
  • gelatin - one pack weighing 40 grams
How to make strawberry jam with gelatin?

Cooking Jam:

  • Sugar is thoroughly mixed with gelatin (this can be done in a separate bowl, since both of these ingredients are loose)
  • Berries are peeled and washed, if they are large - they can be cut into halves and even quarters
  • The berries are covered with sugar and gelatin, covered with a cloth and put in a dry, cool and dark place for eight to ten hours so that the strawberries let the juice
  • After that, the berries in the same bowl are put on fire. They need to be boiled until the mass boils, the berries are thoroughly mixed so that the bottom layer does not burn
  • The resulting foam is carefully removed with a spoon or slotted spoon
  • After boiling, the berries are boiled for no more than seven minutes
  • Without waiting to cool pour into banks

After the jam cools in the jars, it acquires a beautiful dark red color and becomes thick due to gelatin.

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How to make strawberry jam with lemon?

Increasingly, caring housewives and cooks prepare strawberry jam (especially for the winter) with the addition of lemon juice. As a result, they get a tasty, not sugary sweet, but deliciously tasted jam that can brighten up any tea party and not only.

How to make strawberry jam with lemon?

Often, lemon juice is added to the jam right in the last minute of cooking. This allows the jam to acquire a sweet and sour shade and be original. There is also an unusual recipe for strawberry-lemon jam. For this jam you need:

  • strawberries - a kilogram of juicy and ripe berries, peeled and washed
  • sugar - kilogram of sugar per kilogram of berries
  • lemon - two things ripe lemon
  • water - half a glass


  • Boil half a glass of water and dissolve sugar in it
  • Peel and cut the lemons into thin slices, removing all the bones (the seeds in the jam will add bitterness)
  • Strawberries and lemons are poured with sugar syrup and left in this state for about ten hours
  • During this time, the berries and lemon will give juice, which will dissolve along with the syrup
  • After this, drain the syrup and boil it, then again pour the berries
  • Such an operation is performed three times and for the last time not only the syrup is boiled, but the entire contents
  • Jam is bottled in prepared jars and rolled up

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How to cook strawberry - cherry jam deliciously?

Strawberries go well with cherries and therefore this jam will be the best dessert in your pantry. It is not difficult to cook it, and even the most inexperienced housewife can afford it.

How to make strawberry-cherry jam?

For jam, you need:

  • sugar - about 2 kilograms (not less, you can plus another 500 grams for sweetness)
  • strawberries - one kilogram of ripe peeled berries
  • cherry - one kilogram of ripe peeled berries

How to make jam:

  • Berries should be peeled (with cherries it is quite difficult, but real, but if you do not want to mess with the berry - leave a stone)
  • The berries are filled with sugar and left in this state for seven hours.
  • After they start the juice they should be boiled three times on low heat, removing the foam
  • Between boiling berries should pass at least three to four hours
  • Before the end of cooking (in just two minutes), you can add a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice, which will make the jam not so sweet
  • After that, the jam is poured into jars and rolled up

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How to make strawberry jam with orange?

Cooking Jam:

  • Peel a kilogram of berries and wash them with water, let them drain
  • Peel two oranges (if you put peels or seeds in the jam, they can give a bitterness)
  • Cut the orange into slices or circles
  • Pour berries and orange with a kilogram of sugar and leave in this condition for six hours
  • After the berries have started juice, drain the syrup and boil it and boil
  • Pour the berries again with hot syrup. Such a manipulation should be done three times
  • Last time, put the dishes on the fire, wait for the jam to boil, gently mixing it so that the bottom layer does not burn
  • Pour into jars and roll up
How tasty and easy to make jam with strawberries and orange?

Tasty Strawberry Jam with Mint Cooking Recipe

This recipe will surprise with its originality and incredibly fresh taste, which will decorate both a festive and everyday table for tea drinking. It’s not a shame to boast such a jam to guests and enjoy the meal itself.

You will need:

  • strawberries - not more than a kilogram of sweet berries, peeled and washed
  • sugar - half a kilogram, you can add more (kilogram) to make the jam sweet
  • mint - one medium bunch of fresh mint


  • The berries are filled with sugar to start the juice, in this state they need to stand for about six hours
  • The resulting syrup is drained and set on fire, add finely chopped mint into it and boil
  • Pour berries with sugar syrup and hold for another six hours
  • After that, the entire contents of the dishes are boiled over a fire, after boiling, boil for another five minutes
  • Before the end of cooking, you can add one tablespoon of lemon juice, which will emphasize the taste of berries and mint
  • Pour into prepared jars, roll up
How to make strawberry jam with mint?

How to make delicious delicious strawberry jam jam?

Jam is a favorite addition to morning toasts, yogurt, porridge, filling for pies and pie. You need to be able to cook jam correctly and tasty. This does not require any special ingredients, only your patience and time.


  • strawberries - one kilogram of fresh peeled and washed berries
  • sugar - one kilogram of sugar per kilogram of berries
  • lemon - freshly squeezed juice, one tablespoon


  • Strawberries should be chopped and mashed
  • To do this, you can use a meat grinder or a modern blender
  • For lack of everything, just chop the strawberries with a knife
  • Sprinkle strawberries with sugar and add lemon juice
  • Such strawberries should be boiled over a low heat and after boiling hold for another five minutes
  • During cooking, jam should be constantly mixed so that the bottom layer of berry puree does not burn
  • Every time you need to remove the resulting foam
  • Ready jam should be left to cool for another 20 minutes
  • After that, the jam is poured into prepared jars, rolled up

How to cook strawberry jam?

Each recipe for making strawberry jam requires its own special time period in which it should be boiled. We can say with confidence that the minimum cooking time is five minutes after boiling.

Jam should not be cooked for too long just because its main ingredient is sugar, which tends to burn and darken from overheating. Therefore, during cooking, the jam is thoroughly mixed literally every minute. Most recipes involve boiling berries for no more than ten minutes.

How long should I make strawberry jam?

How to make strawberry jam thick?

There are several ways to thicken the jam and make it not only delicious, but also beautiful:

  • a large amount of sugar - which will turn the berry juice into syrup and literally caramelize all the berries, making the mass thick
  • gelatin - if it is present in jam, be sure that it will find a pleasant texture and be thick
  • agar-agar - gelatin of plant origin, which can be used instead of regular gelatin. He literally makes jam thick before his eyes
How to make jam thick?

How to roll strawberry jam in jars?

There are several rules for rolling strawberry cans:

  • The jam must be boiled several times so that it does not have the ability to "explode"
  • Roll-up jars must be thoroughly washed with detergents, rinsed and sterilized with hot steam
  • Rolling takes place using a special manual seaming machine and new lids for canning
How to roll strawberry jam?

What is the calorie content of strawberry jam?

During cooking, the berries certainly lose some of their useful trace elements, but nevertheless, most of them remain mothballed. No matter how tasty and healthy strawberry jam is, it is a fairly high-calorie product due to the fact that it contains a lot of sugar. In particular, 100 grams of finished strawberry jam contains about 285 kcal.

Tasty Frozen Strawberry Jam

Amazing frozen berry jam recipes.

frozen strawberry jam Depending on the recipe, you get a different taste, color, density and aroma of jam.

The less jam is cooked, the lighter it is.
The longer the cooking process, the more dense the mass becomes.

The principle of preparation of frozen strawberries boiled product:

  • In two parts of the frozen product we take one part of sugar, a little citric acid
  • Pour sugar over frozen strawberries
  • Leave overnight for juice
  • In the morning we put on the stove in prepared containers
  • Add citric acid
  • When the jam is bubbling, reduce the flame
  • Cook for at least 10 minutes, with frequent stirring.
  • When the foam appears, remove from the stove
  • Collect the foam
  • Let cool
  • Repeat the procedure again
  • The jam is ready to eat
  • For long-term storage, put in a clean dish
  • Cover tightly

An important factor in this cooking method is the addition of citric acid. Thanks to her, the strawberry remains smooth, dense and beautiful.

Amazing in taste and simple recipe:

  • Sprinkle frozen strawberries with sugar, in the proportion suggested above.
  • After thawing, grind the crush
  • Allow to stand for a day until sugar is completely dissolved. Do not forget to stir periodically
  • Arrange in small jars
  • Put in the freezer

Places jars take up a lot. But worth a try. Tastier than this jam, there is hardly a recipe. The aroma and taste of fresh strawberries are preserved in this recipe, as in no other.

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