Top 10 Russian actresses that men went crazy

In this article we will offer you examples of gorgeous women, actresses who won men's hearts.

If there was sex in the Soviet Union, they would be called sex symbols. But, as you know, there was no sex, so they simply were beauties driving the strong half of humanity crazy. Actresses, whose beauty was natural, not silicone, stars, which forced to close the eyes of men with admiration, women with envy.

Top 10 Russian actresses that men went crazy

Vera Cold

The eldest of the daughters of a Poltava literature teacher and a noble girl, a pupil of the corresponding institute, was born in 1893. After moving to Moscow, the girl attended a private gymnasium, and later a ballet school. And although she did not have to study there for long, but the dream of the scene had already firmly settled in the girl’s soul.

  • She participated in school performances, made acquaintance with aspiring actors of the Moscow Art Theater, and in 1914 she made her debut in the film "Anna Karenina", directed by Vladimir Gardin.
  • This was followed by "A Song of Triumphant Love", "Princess Tarakanova", "By the Fireplace", "Last Tango", "Moon Beauty", in all - more than forty paintings. The riddle always beckons, and the mysterious beauty of Vera attracted viewers who went not so much to the film as to the “star”.
  • Moreover, a star of such magnitude that in the revolutionary years, when they saved on everything, and first of all, on electricity, the authorities gave permission for shooting (read - the use of film and electricity) only if Vera Kholodna participated in the film.
  • Husband Vladimir Kholodny, daughter of Eugene and nonna pupil - such was the family of the actress. Her fate is sad: Vladimir was shot by security officers literally a few months after Vera herself died of the flu. Girls were brought up by the actress's younger sister.
Vera Cold
  • The star of Vera Kholodnaya died on February 16, 1919, when the beauty was only 26. Poems and songs were dedicated to her. The Great Vertinsky had precisely her in mind when speaking of fingers smelling of incense, and the song "Jasmine" by Boris Prozorovsky was also performed by Kholodnaya herself. And even many years later, her beauty was not forgotten - already in 1977, the director Nikita Mikhalkov dedicated her famous “Slave of Love” to her.
  • As for rumors, hypotheses and assumptions, there are versions that Kholodnaya was poisoned by the scent of white lilies sent to her by the hopelessly in love French captain Emile Enno, that she was strangled by another jealous General Grishin.
  • Politics, the usual robbery - that just did not sound the cause of the death of the actress. Like a real fatal woman, Vera Kholodnaya carried away the secret of her death, and even the place of her burial was not preserved: in the 30s, the Odessa chapel, where the body of the actress rested, was destroyed by the Bolsheviks.

Lyubov Orlova

For decades, she was actress No. 1, a prima who knew no competition, literally an icon of style. A noblewoman by birth, she knew from childhood what home performances are. Having visited one of them, the famous Fedor Chaliapin spoke of the girl as a future star.

  • From the age of seven she attended a music school, studied the wisdom of owning the piano, then the Moscow Conservatory, and since 1922 she herself was a music teacher, while working as a taper in cinemas. At the same time, the future actress attended the theater college (now it is the famous GITIS). Since 1926, Orlova is a chorus girl, and later an actress of the Moscow Art Theater music studio.
  • She became a soloist in 1932, when she got the main role in the opera Perikola. In this role, she was noticed by Grigory Alexandrov, and this meeting became, without exaggeration, fateful. Going to shoot "Jolly Fellows" and just looking for Anyuta Alexandrov realized: here she is!
  • So in the cinema horizon the brightest star lit up. "Circus", "Volga-Volga", "Bright Way", "Spring" - these films are watched and loved so far. What can we say about contemporaries Orlova! By the way, there is a version that some touches for this or that image Orlov and Alexandrov borrowed from Marlene Dietrich, which further strengthened the already crazy popularity of the actress and the films in which she starred.
Actress No. 1
  • And without that the beauty, Lyubov Orlova, paid great attention to her appearance, self-care. One of the first in the USSR, according to some sources, went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Whether this is true or not, the main thing is that her waist circumference remained at a size of 53 cm for many years, the size of the corset remained unchanged from the age of 16, the actress's true age was a mystery to the audience almost until her last day.
  • Lyubov Orlova died on January 26, 1975. A woman with a smile from a Hollywood movie star immortalized in the name of a minor planet, who became the director’s muse and the dream of millions of men.

Elina Bystritskaya

This year she turned 90 years old. But she is still beautiful, albeit not with that sparkling beauty of youth, but with the noble, aristocratic charm of a true Woman.

  • During the war, the thirteen-year-old daughter of a military doctor worked as a nurse in a hospital, and after that she became a student at a medical school. A pedagogical institute happened in her biography, but still Elina found herself in the theater.
  • Filming in nearly thirty films, working at the Maly Theater, the title of "Best Actress of the Year", which she received after the film "Unfinished Tale" - all this was in her creative biography.
  • Today she teaches at GITIS, is a professor at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. Slender, graceful Bystritskaya for a long time headed the federation of rhythmic gymnastics, and now she continues to keep fit, using dumbbells, a gymnastic stick, a hoop daily.
  • Proud, knowing her worth, the beauty did not put up with the betrayal of her wealthy husband and divorced him, despite living together for 27 years.
    The beautiful Aksinya from the adaptation of The Quiet Don (by the way, viewers still consider her Aksinya the most beautiful of all played by Soviet actresses) and today captivates those around her.
Elina Bystritskaya
  • It feeds on a system developed by its own nutritionist, imposes an elastic bandage over the entire face contour at night so that the skin does not sag. She has not smoked for more than 40 years, simply because she once gave herself the word to quit. True lady.

Irina Skobtseva

Another exquisite aristocratic beauty of Russian cinema is already over 90, and she is still young in soul.

  • The impetus for an artistic career for her was a student theater, and immediately after Skobtseva University she began her studies at the Moscow Art Theater School. Desdemona became her first role. The film itself won an award at the Kansky film festival, but actress Skobtseva was noted separately, having awarded the (first!) High title "Miss Charm Festival". True, this recognition, according to the actress, served her poorly, forcing everyone to see her as a beautiful woman, forgetting that she is also an actress.
  • Answering a question about the secrets of her beauty and charm, the actress says that she does not adhere to diets and does not engage in physical education, not to mention plastic surgery. All this is laid down at the genetic level.
  • In the creative baggage of the actress, more than 60 film roles. Unlike many beauties, the personal life of Irina Skobtseva is always in sight of the audience, fans.
  • There are no rumors about her, because everyone knows that after passing through life 35 years with her husband Sergei Bondarchuk, she was his muse. Helen Bezukhova in the epic "War and Peace", a teacher, and later an assistant professor at the VGIKovskiy workshop of Bondarchuk, Irina Konstantinovna believes that in life there can be anything, but a true woman has the wisdom to distinguish the present from the superficial.
  • Today, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother Irina Skobtseva lives for the sake of her family, in which there is a son Fedor, grandchildren Konstantin, Sergey, Varvara and great-granddaughters Julia and Margarita. She is still beautiful, loved and sought after.

Lyudmila Chursina

The beautiful actress, born in the 1941 military, did not think about cinema. She strove to become a student at a serious technical university, but, succumbing to a friend’s provocation, finding herself in Moscow, took the documents to the theater. And not one, but three at once. As sometimes happens, all three did. After much thought, the girl stopped at the Shchukin school, after which she became an actress of the Theater named after Vakhtangov, and later began acting in films.

  • “Crane”, “Love Spring”, “Two Lives”, “Don Story”, “Virineya”, “Sullen River”, “Olesya” - in all these and other films Chursina appeared as she is in life: beautiful, strong, proud.
    Once Chursina was invited to Hollywood: a contract for 15 paintings for three years.
  • Poor knowledge of the language, and, most importantly, dissatisfaction with such a proposal "at the top" became the reason that Hollywood did not remove the Russian beauty in his films. But this does not in the least detract from the admiration and recognition that Chursin's American colleagues aroused.
  • Three marriages, none of which can be called happy. There was a moment when she thought about suicide, but fate decreed otherwise - at the right time at the right place on the bridge there was a passerby who stopped her.
  • He has been working at the Academic Theater of the Soviet Army since 1984. Over the years, the artist became popular both in the Soviet Union and in Russia, declared herself as the best actress of the year (this was the verdict of readers of the "Soviet Screen"). She received another title of best actress during the International Film Festival in San Sebastian.
  • Winner of the Order of Honor, awarded a prize to them. for the viewer, Lyudmila Chursina, first of all, remains the embodiment of Slavic beauty that captivates the eye and remains in memory for many years.
  • In an interview, Lyudmila Chursina once said that she does not attach importance to what others are talking about her, considering her own assessment to be the main one. Judging by popular love, the opinions of the audience and the actress coincide.

Natalya Fateeva

Bottomless eyes and a soft smile - this is the star of the national cinema screen Natalya Fateeva. She was born in 1934. After graduating from school, she entered the Kharkov Theater University, from where she was expelled for "unauthorized" work as an announcer on television. Without despair, Natalya entered VGIK without any problems, and for the first time she was seen on a movie screen in 1956, in the film "There is such a guy." From that moment on, her acting career skyrocketed. Already being an actress of the Ermolova Theater, Natalia first got the main role on the movie screen - Vladimir Basov, who became her second husband, shot Fateev in the film “Battle on the Road”.

  • The comedy "Three Plus Two" has become a landmark for the actress. After this tape came all-Union fame. Then there were roles in "Gentlemen of Fortune", "Draw", the cult film "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed", "Investigation", "Anna Pavlova", "A Man from Kapucin Boulevard".
  • Unfortunately, beautiful women do not always find personal happiness in life. This can be said about Natalya Fateeva, who first married at 19, tried several more times to find exactly the person with whom "as if behind a stone wall."
  • Actors Leonid Tarabarinov, Vladimir Basov, astronaut Boris Yegorov. Did not work out. In the interview, the actress herself admits that she almost does not communicate with children or grandchildren. Fateeva underwent several operations after the injury, she hardly moves around the apartment.
  • Perhaps this is the price to pay for beauty? After all, it was not for nothing that Fateev was once called the Soviet Sophia Loren, who, as you know, was one of the standards of charm and grace.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Who can rightfully be called a sex symbol is Svetlana Svetlichnaya. The fatal beauty from the "Diamond Arm" and still young in soul and continues to seduce men. Recall how several years ago, the appearance of the actress's boyfriend, who was almost 40 years younger than her, was vigorously discussed.

  • She is 78 years old today. The star of the films "Thirty-three", "Cook", "Diamond Arm", "New Adventures of the Elusive", "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "You - Me, I - You" and many others, Svetlichnaya remains a real woman, fashionista, coquette, goes to the podium and takes part in photo shoots, in particular, recreating the image of the great Marlene Dietrich.
  • At the same time, no matter what they say behind her back, the only husband of the actress was actor Vladimir Ivashov, with whom she lived for 34 years, raising two sons.
Fatal blonde
  • Svetlana Svetlichnaya calls the secret of her beauty the ability to enjoy life, everything that fills it, even tests, the main thing is to meet and transfer them with dignity. The actress considers another feeling very important: it is gratitude. She herself is most grateful to her parents and the late husband, who, according to the actress, carried love for her through her whole life.
  • Svetlichnaya believes that she never betrayed a sense of proportion, whether in life or in the movies. Despite the fact that the name of the most popular film with her participation is associated with diamonds, she never aspired to them.
  • “And I also do not envy anyone,” says Svetlichnaya and shares with all women the secrets of a slim figure: you need not eat, but peck. And if you like the dress, but it is not enough, you must definitely lose weight! This is precisely the secret of female beauty and harmony.

Anastasia Vertinskaya

In this family, all women are exquisite beauties. The artist and actress Lydia Vertinskaya, charming Marianne and, of course, Anastasia, the beautiful Assol.
A native Muscovite, she was born in 1944.

  • Since childhood, parents took care of the comprehensive education of girls, with special attention noted music, art, foreign languages, literature. Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Vertinskaya was lucky to play Assol in Green's “Scarlet Sails”.
  • Then there was no less romantic and beautiful Guttiere in the fantastic Amphibian Man.
  • It is not surprising that at the age of 18 the girl began to participate in the performances of the Moscow Theater. Pushkin. The movie-goers who got to her were the best fit for the type of young actress: is she not Ophelia in Hamlet, Lisa Bolkonskaya from War and Peace?
  • The husbands of the beauty at one time were Nikita Mikhalkov, after - Alexander Gradsky. But not one of them could make her a cozy homemaker - Anastasia still shone on the screens: “Shadow”, “Do not Cry!”, “Premature Man”, “Nameless Star”.
Anastasia Vertinskaya
  • One role follows another, and Vertinskaya, by this time already the People's Artist of the RSFSR, manages to do charity work (in the early 90s, she created the Charity Fund of Russian Actors to help veteran actors, while supporting young creators), and more engage in teaching, teaching acting skills in Oxford and Paris.
  • Naturally, it was she who became Margarita in the film, shot by Yuri Kara based on the cult novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. She is as mysterious, magical, noble as her heroine, and continues to remain young and bewitching. The actress herself calls herself the exact opposite of her first heroine Assol, saying that she never waited for princes under red sails.

Irina Alferova

She was repeatedly recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses of domestic cinema. Born in 1951 in the city of scientists of Novosibirsk, the girl of cheating has dreamed about the stage, playing in the amateur theater.

  • In this case, the girl remained, as they say, quiet. As the actress herself admits, she was more silent, but at the same time she always knew that she needed only one, that one, the only one. She was waiting for this meeting as a gift of fate.
  • Already studying at GITIS, Alferova was faced with the fact that she could not portray those feelings that she had not experienced. Nevertheless, the diligence and desire to master the profession led to the fact that she graduated from the institute as one of the best, and one of the first film roles was the deep and touching Dasha in the film adaptation of Alexey Tolstoy’s novel "Walking the Hardship."
  • In the mid-70s of the last century, Irina was invited to the Lenin Komsomol Theater, where she met her fate, and for many years she and Alexander Abdulov, by all accounts, constituted the most beautiful couple of the Soviet cinema screen. And three years later, Irina played a role that forever captured her precisely by Constance Bonacieux in the memory of the audience.
The most beautiful actress
  • In 1990, Alferova and Abdulov broke up. We talked about her falling in love with a partner in the new film, actor Sergei Martynov, about the adventures of Abdulov, who, however, always called Irina his only favorite. They met again in the play "Everything Passes" only in the mid-2000s, when Abdulov was already mortally ill.
  • Alferova's only daughter Ksenia also became a successful actress. Today, Irina Alferova still works at the Lenkoma Theater, combining performances with playing on the stage of the School of the Modern Play. The actress considers herself a happy woman, because in her life there is a loved one, a wonderful daughter and huge sincere love of viewers.

Anna Samokhina

She left us young and amazingly beautiful, in the prime of her talent and at the peak of her career. Anna Samokhina appeared on the screens during the most difficult period of domestic cinema, when it was no longer interesting for anyone to shoot in the old way, but only in new ways. The actress has become a symbol of a new movie, free, unconventional, real.

  • Anna Samokhina was born in 1963 in the Kuzbass. Childhood spent in a factory dormitory, alcoholic father. Perhaps these difficulties were the impetus for breaking out of hopeless reality into a bright, colorful world.
  • Studying at a music school began, then participation in the performances of the folk theater was added. And at the age of fifteen, she became a student at the Yaroslavl Theater School, where she married for the first time. A daughter, Sasha, was born.
  • The first notable role of Anna-Mercedes in the film "Prisoner of If Castle". Then - no less vivid and memorable image of Rita in the crime drama "Thieves in Law". And the roles in the historical films Don Cesar de Bazan and Imperial Hunt proved that Samokhina has any reincarnation on her shoulder, that in every image she is organic and natural.
  • In the crucial 90s, when the cinema was in crisis, and therefore there were practically no roles, Samokhina began working as the art director of the Range studio, tried herself in the genre of entertainer. But still, her element is a film set, a scene where she soon returned.
  • A short life was released to this wonderful actress, but still her last years have become very busy in terms of filming. She played in Gangster Petersburg, the series Flame of Flame, Family House, and the last role was Katya in the film Gena Concrete.

Anna Samokhina died in 2010 from stomach cancer. But even in the last days left, while in the hospice, exhausted by the disease, she remained a Woman. A scarf hiding the effects of chemotherapy, obligatory make-up - such was seen by her doctors and relatives. She wanted to be remembered beautiful. Such she remained forever.

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