How and how to remove rust from white and colored clothes, fabrics at home? How and with what to remove rust stains from white and colored clothes - sweaters, white blouses, jeans: remedies for rust on fabrics, folk remedies, useful tips

Removing rust stains from clothing.

Rust stains - for any housewife, these are perhaps the most terrible enemies, which not everyone can fight with. These "presents" appear, as a rule, all of a sudden, but it is extremely difficult to eliminate them. Stereotypes about the impossibility of removing such spots sometimes push our hostesses to extreme measures, but do not rush.

Today we offer you only the most effective and affordable ways to remove rust, which will definitely convince you of the possibility of "victory" over the stains and directly help to remove them.

How and how to remove rust from white and colored clothes, fabrics: tips and tricks

Not so long ago, rust stains were considered a sentence for things, however, today even such stubborn stains are not a problem.

Of course, you can remove rust from white and colored clothes using a special tool, but many housewives prefer to start using improvised and, by the way, very budget options. We will talk about them in more detail a little later. But to begin with, perhaps, let's talk a little about the rust itself and the advice of specialists on its elimination. It will be useful for novice housewives and, in principle, like all other people, where these terrible spots of rust can come from and how.

  1. So, such spots may appear after the banal drying of laundry on the battery. Of course, the battery must be metallic. It would seem that a harmless battery, on which, by the way, most people dry their things, especially in the cold season, but no, it's not at all harmless. Old batteries, the paint on which disappears from time to time, can cause a damaged item.
  2. Iron objects. Before washing in the washing machine, and before washing hands, you must carefully check all pockets for items. But sometimes it happens that a small iron torn button or some carnation goes unnoticed and goes to the laundry with the item. It is precisely after iron contacts with clothes that we can also get ugly and hard-to-remove spots.
  3. Decor on things is now very fashionable. Often this metal decor and over time this fact may obviously not play into your hands.
  4. Well, the most commonplace, as well as the most common cause of rust stains, are benches, benches, swings and fences. After you sit on metal benches, lean against such a fence or ride on a swing the appearance of spots is quite likely.

Now knowing the most common reasons why things get corrupted by rust, it will be much easier to prevent such situations.

Rust removal

Now let's move on to the advice of rust removal experts. In general, the process of removing such spots is extremely difficult. However, using all the tips and tricks to cope with this difficult task is quite realistic:

  • In principle, before removing stains of any kind, it is necessary to put things in order. That is, clean it from dust
  • Spots are best deduced from the back of the thing, i.e. from the wrong side.
  • If you use unverified methods or remove the stain this way for the first time, then take your time. First, try to clean a small area of ​​the spot and only then, move on.
  • Do not delay cleaning and washing soiled clothing. It is necessary to remove rust stains immediately, because by leaving a stain on the clothes you give the iron an opportunity to eat more into the fabric
  • Cloths and clothes with rust spots do not need to be soaked. In the process of soaking, the stain can "run away", that is, crawl even more over things. You need to wash the item after you remove the stain
  • Also remember, so as not to spread the rust even more over the fabric, you need to remove the stain starting from its edges and moving towards the center
  • Now we will directly proceed to the means that will help you get rid of rust spots. To remove such a stain from white clothes, lemon, citric acid, as well as vinegar and special stain removers of a similar origin are perfect.
  • To clean the colored clothes from rust, you can use a solution of glycerin and chalk, glycerin and detergent, as well as acetic acid and vinegar.

Remedies for rust on fabrics: list, names

We will tell you how to clean clothes with all of the above tools a little later, and now let's talk about no less important things - special tools that remove rust stains.

  • Most people, before moving on to "heavy artillery" and acquiring a professional anti-stain tool, try all kinds of folk and home methods. However, there are those who initially prefer special stain removers. But as you know, and they are different and they need to be able to choose. That is what we are going to understand now.
  • Most often, when you come to a household chemistry store, you will be advised of ordinary stain removers in the form of a gel or powder. You need to pay attention to their composition, as well as carefully read the instructions in order to understand whether this tool is suitable for removing rust spots.
  • By the way, in the composition of the stain remover, which is able to remove rust, there must be acids, because it is they that destroy the metal thereby allowing the stain to be removed. But the presence of such a component as chlorine in the composition of the product does not guarantee a good result.
  • According to reviews, on the contrary, bleaches and chlorine products can damage tissue. In any case, when buying such funds, use the advice of store employees.
Rust remedy

So, we will go directly to the means and methods of their application:

  1. Vanish Oxi Action is one of the most popular stain removers. This stain remover is great for both white and colored items. Thanks to active oxygen, which is part of the product, even the most persistent spots are removed with ease. The manufacturer recommends strictly adhering to the instructions, as well as carefully study the labels that are on the clothes.
  2. Sarma is a budget tool to remove stained spots. This product does not contain chlorine, which in our case cannot but rejoice. Please note that this product enhances the action of the powder.
  3. Belle - this bleach is oxygen-containing and is perfect for removing any stains, it also does not contain chlorine. The advantage of this tool is that it copes with unpleasant odors.

In order to choose a really high-quality tool and not "throw money away" it is best to ask consultants for help in choosing a tool.

How to remove rust from clothing with vinegar: folk recipes

This method is considered the most effective. Thanks to vinegar and ordinary salt, you can remove not only new, but also old spots. Using vinegar, you can remove stains from colored clothing.

  • We take a cotton pad or sponge and moisten it in vinegar. If you want to use a rag, then give preference to soft tissues.
  • Moisten the place where the stain is gently with vinegar using a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Next, take the salt and sprinkle it with all the dirty stain. Now lightly rub the vinegar and salt in the dirty area. Try not to “go beyond” the rust spots.
  • Allow things to dry, and then wash it.
Rust remedy

Important: do not forget about precautions. Even using vinegar, which is not as dangerous to the skin of your hands as any other chemical substance, it is still better to use rubber gloves.

  • Another way to get rid of such stains is to soak things in a solution of vinegar.
  • To make such a solution, it is necessary to proceed from the following calculation - for 1 liter of water you need 1 cup of vinegar essence (70%).
  • We take any enameled container in which we place our thing and fill it with a ready-made solution. We keep the clothes in solution for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse in plain water and wash them either with our hands or in a typewriter.

How to remove rust from clothes with lemon: folk recipes

This method is perfect for removing rust stains from white clothes. However, using this method you also need to be extremely careful, because if your fabric is not resistant to acids, then the thing can simply go bad.

  • The easiest option is to take a slice of lemon and thoroughly moisten a rusty stain, and then sprinkle it with salt. Then we expect the stain to completely dry and after that we erase it.
  • There is another way. For him, in addition to lemon, we will need gauze and hydrogen peroxide.
Stain lemon
  • A slice of lemon must be placed in cheesecloth and in this condition applied to the rust. After this, you need to thoroughly iron the rust place on which the lemon lies.
  • Now we moisten the cotton pad with hydrogen peroxide and gently wipe the stain with it. After all the manipulations, you can wash the clothes in the usual way.

How to remove rust from clothing with citric acid: folk recipes

In principle, removing rust with citric acid is not much different than removing with lemon. But if not everyone has a lemon and not always, then any housewife will certainly have citric acid.

  • We take about 50 g of citric acid and pour it into any enameled container. Add 1.5-2 cups of water and heat the mixture well, almost bringing it to a boil.
  • After that, that part of the thing on which there is a rusty stain is placed in the solution and left for about 7-10 minutes. If after such manipulations the stain does not disappear, you can repeat the procedure again. If it was possible to remove the stain, then rinse the whole thing under running water.
Removing rust with citric acid

There is also another option with citric acid.

  • The stain should be slightly moistened with water and sprinkled with citric acid. Then we take any thick paper towel and cover the stain, it will not be superfluous to put the same towel under the fabric itself.
  • We warm the iron, and after ironing the place where there is a spot. Make sure that the fabric does not get too hot. Iron for about 2-3 minutes. This should be more than enough.
  • Next, wash the item with powder or soap.

How to remove rust from clothing with a bath and toilet cleaner

Using this tool you need to be extremely careful, because such a tool, in principle, is not designed for its use on fabrics and clothes. However, using this method, even the oldest spots can be removed.

  • We take a means for cleaning the bathtub, toilet bowl or any other plumbing and apply it to the stain. With gentle, gentle movements, rub it until foam is formed. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • After all the manipulations, it is also necessary to wash the item with the help of powder. Remember, this method is suitable for removing stains from white clothing.

How to remove rust from clothing with oxalic acid: folk recipes

Having made a solution of oxalic acid and soda, you will get a real chemical bleach.

  • So, we take one glass of water, into which we add about 40 ml of acid. For those who do not know where to buy it: flower shops are at your disposal.
  • In this solution, add 2 teaspoons of ordinary soda.
  • We apply the resulting product on a rust stain and wait 10-20 minutes. Then we erase.

This option is perfect for high-quality and relatively quick removal of rust stains. Using this method, be careful, work with gloves.

How to remove rust from clothes with toothpaste?

Another equally common method is to remove rust stains with toothpaste. Whether such a tool is effective is a very interesting and open question. Many women who have tested the paste on their things claim that the effect really is and it is quite good. However, there are those who claim that toothpaste does not help remove rust stains. However, "fish without fish and cancer," therefore, for lack of other options, you can try this one.

Toothpaste removal
  • We take toothpaste, it is recommended to use pastes with a whitening effect.
  • We apply with a cotton swab or disk on a rusty stain and gently rub it. We leave it for about one hour, and then we erase the item with ordinary powder by hand or in a typewriter.
  • The advantage of this method can be called that the paste certainly does not spoil the product and even if the rust stain cannot be “defeated”, the clothes will at least not be irreparably damaged.

How and how to remove rust stains from jeans?

Unfortunately, rust spots often appear on jeans. Many believe that getting rid of rust on such a fabric is simply impossible, but this is not so. A great way to eliminate a rust stain from jeans is the previously mentioned option with vinegar and acetic acid. You can also use a mixture of acids.

Removing rust from jeans
  • So, we take acetic and oxalic acid. Where to find them you already know. We need about 10 g each.
  • Pour 2 cups of water into the container and add our acid there. Heat the resulting solution well.
  • We place part of the clothes with a stain in the solution and leave for at least 1 hour. Then we erase in the machine or hands.
  • This method is perfect for removing old, stubborn stains. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand that to remove complex spots, the procedure time should be increased.

You can also use tartaric acid:

  • To prepare a mixture of tartaric acid, we need the acid itself and table salt. We mix the ingredients in equal proportions and add a little water, so that in the end we get a porridge-like mixture.
  • With this mixture, we abundantly smear the place of contamination and leave it for about 1 hour. We wait until the mixture dries, and then we erase the thing.

Precautions against rust stains on clothing: recommendations

Unfortunately, very often it happens that very frightening spots appear on the most beloved things. These may be spots of fat, grass, blood, coffee, but the most serious and difficult to remove are spots of rust. Of course, most often the spots appear completely imperceptibly, and the hostess, in principle, does not even suggest where she could “pick up” such a “problem”. However, there are some recommendations that will allow you to protect yourself from the most common causes of rust on things.

  • Do not sit on old metal benches, benches and swings. Before sitting down, make sure that it is safe for your clothes, by the way, this applies not only to rust, but also to other spots. Do not lean against metal fences, fences. That is exactly how in most cases rusty spots appear on things.
  • When washing clothes, carefully check all pockets. Be sure to pull out various iron things such as nails, screws, coins and other glands.
  • If your items are decorated with iron products, then care for them should be more gentle and accurate, as they can give rust to the fabric.
  • Dry things on a special clothesline, abandon the good old all-known method of drying on a battery. If your battery has long required a new painting and repair, then forget about this option once and for all. By hanging a thing on the battery in the place of paint that has fallen off, you doom yourself to get a rusty stain.

Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to avoid pollution of things, however, having noticed a new "beautiful" speck, do not rush to throw out your favorite thing. Today, you yourself were able to make sure that there are more than enough options for removing even such heavy spots, and, in the end, there are dry cleaners.

We recommend that you use all our tips so that you do not have to use any methods. However, if the stain is already there, do not despair, choose the most suitable way and "save" the thing in advance.

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