What is IMHO: origin. What does IMHO mean: varieties of reduction, decoding

Decoding IMHO.

On the Internet, there are many abbreviations, as well as jargon, which is used exclusively during communication on the network. One of these words is IMHO. In this article we will tell what this expression means.

What is IMHO: the origin of the phrase

Please note that this word was originally written in English lettersIn my humble opinion, and meant in translation "in my humble opinion". That is, in this way a person simply expressed his point of view. But users, users and people who are constantly on the network did not bother, switch to English, and write the abbreviation correctly. The abbreviation was simply rewritten into Russian, without even changing the letters. At the same time, the meaning of the word has changed somewhat.

It depends on the environment in which the correspondence takes place. In most cases, this also means "in my opinion." In this case, the interlocutor simply expresses his point of view, without claiming to be truthful, as well as support, does not enter into any disputes with anyone. This is just a way to express your attitude to a particular situation.

Phrase translation

IMHO: decryption

After the phrase became popular, it was redone many times. There were people who interpreted this reduction as “in my great opinion”, “in my terrible opinion”, “in my true opinion”. Accordingly, such an interpretation introduces a certain arrogance in communication and tries to belittle the opponent, as well as the interlocutor. But the Russian inhabitants of the network are not far behind, and the interpretation has acquired very interesting significance.

For example, “I have an opinion, you’ll argue the hell”, “I have an opinion, you’ll condemn the hell”. Therefore, in this way of communication, the reduction also acquired an arrogant sense, as well as the senselessness of the implementation of disputes, or some ups and downs, regarding the point of view.

Decryption Options

What does IMHO mean: the desirability of using the network

The meaning of this word has a very broad meaning, in which everyone puts something of their own. We recommend that you do not write IMHO before expressing your point of view, which can be perceived with hostility. It is worth writing that this is only your opinion, and you do not claim to be the ultimate truth. In addition, you do not want to argue with anyone, or to quarrel. In this case, you will be correctly understood and will not be interpreted in their own way. As for real life, it is not recommended to use any Internet slang in normal, daily communication. Because you also risk being misunderstood by your interlocutor

Please note that older people may not understand what is at stake and what you want to say. Therefore, before you say something to an older person who practically does not communicate on the network, explain to him the meaning of Internet slang.


At the moment, IMHO abbreviations are used on the network quite often. In 80% of cases, it means expressing one’s opinion, without a desire to argue with someone. As for communication on forums with an aggressive political orientation, here the reduction can be interpreted in its own way. We recommend that you do not enter into an online skirmish and clearly express your opinion so that your opponent does not have a dual feeling, or that you are correctly understood.

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