Theme "Food, vegetables, fruits" in English for children: the necessary words, exercises, dialogue, phrases, songs, cards, games, tasks, puzzles, cartoons for children in English with transcription and translation for independent study from scratch

In the article you will find materials and ideas for organizing an English lesson in Food, Vegetables and Fruits.

Essential English words on the subject "Food, vegetables, fruits" for beginners, children: a list with transcription and translation

Learning the topic "Food, Vegetables, and Fruits" in English is a lot of fun. It is always interesting to observe the colorful visuals for the lesson, list the names of “sweets” and be interested in the eating habits of your friends. The vocabulary of this topic is very large and therefore requires far from one lesson (at least three: food, vegetables, fruits).

Nevertheless, the entire vocabulary should be written out in the dictionary along with translation and transcription, which will always help to correctly read the sounds of unfamiliar words. There is no way to do without visual aids in the lesson with this topic, because there are few associations and memories of how a certain fruit or drink looks, and an eye connection is required.

IMPORTANT: Each teacher should measure the number of words for memorization on their own, choosing those that are most often used and easy to perceive for a child of a certain age.

Vocabular topics:

Vocabulary of the theme “Vegetables and fruits” Vocabulary of the theme “Vegetables and fruits”

Vocabular topics vegetables and fruits:

Vocabulary of the theme “Vegetables and fruits”

Exercises in English for children on the topic "Food, vegetables, fruits"

Performing exercises, both written and oral, in this topic is very interesting. As an individual work, you can prepare cards or individual tasks.


  • Task number 1:You should correctly name and sign all the fruits and vegetables shown. Suggested words are listed below on the tablet.
  • Task number 2:You should think and remember all the names of the products (leaf, leguminous, root, and others). List all the names in the columns below the pictures.
  • Task number 3:Solve the crossword puzzle by correctly entering the words - the names of the depicted fruits.
  • Task number 4:Take a close look at the food counter and complete the words written on the shelves with missing letters.
  • Task number 5:This is a logical task in two parts. The first part assumes that you distinguish between the "hidden" word of the topic "Food" and then use it to make sentences.
  • Task number 6:A simple task for kids, just walk the path from the bunny to his favorite food, and then name him.
Task number 1 Task number 2 Task number 3 Task number 4 Task number 5 Task number 6

Dialogue in English for children on the topic "Food, vegetables, fruits" with translation

Making dialogs on the subject of "Food" is not difficult and fun, because there are a lot of thoughts to come up with suggestions. It is best to play a dialogue, presenting a "real" situation (this is how children feel freer if they encounter something like this in life).

You can play the dialogue:

  • Grocery shopping
  • At the checkout
  • On the market
  • On the kitchen
  • In a restaurant or cafe
  • On the holiday
  • Away (treats)


Dialogue on the theme of "Food" Thematic dialogue

Phrases in English for children on the topic "Food, vegetables, fruits" with translation

Ready-made phrases in this topic will help you easily build dialogs and compose sentences for stories.

A cup of teaCup of tea
Meat sandwich Meat sandwich
To buy foodBuy food
To cookCook
I would like to eat something tasty I would like to eat something tasty
Expensive foodExpensive food
Menu Menu
Food marketGrocery store
Fresh vegetablesFresh vegetables
Sweet fruitsSweet fruit
My favorite dish My favorite dish
DishDish (on a plate, already cooked)
Tasty breakfast Tasty breakfast
DeliciousVery tasty
Sweets Sweets

Additional vocabulary:

Additional topic vocabulary Vocabular Themes

Songs for children in English on the topic "Food, vegetables, fruits" with translation

Songs using the vocabulary "Food, fruits and vegetables" are not difficult to remember and always fun to sing.


Song number 1 Song number 2

Cards in English on the subject "Food, vegetables, fruits" with transcription and translation

For a lesson on this topic, you should prepare a lot of colorful and interesting cards. Try to find such images in which fruits, vegetables and other food products will be separate (it is also desirable to have an English name and transcription).

Which cards are suitable:

Cards for the lesson "Food" № 1 Cards for the lesson "Food" № 2 Cards for the lesson "Food" № 3

Games in English on the topic "Food, Vegetables, Fruits"

Playing lessons can be not only useful, but also fun. Suggest several game options so that the child loves such activities and learns with pleasure.


  • Fruits and colors. To do this, you should prepare in advance small cards with pictures and "baskets" (these are large sheets of colored paper). The task of the student is to arrange the fruits in accordance with the colors and correctly name each.
  • Edible - inedible. The game is very simple: the teacher calls the products and objects in English, and the children should clap their hands when they hear the name of something edible.
  • "In the shop". This is a small re-enactment of a store where shoppers shop for groceries. Everyone has a role and at a certain point voices it.
  • Guessing. The teacher reads riddles, hinting at a certain fruit, and children guess it. It is best to play as a team in order to earn points in the form of competition.

Tasks in English on the topic "Food, Vegetables, Fruits"

A few more tasks for the lesson:

  • Task number 1: Correctly guess the words (names of fruits) and write the missing letters in the lines. Then arrange the names according to the pictures.
  • Task number 2: Find a translation for each fruit
  • Task number 3: Sort the products correctly (first part), find the necessary products in the picture (second part).
  • Task number 4: Solve the word and write the desired letter (first part), translate the words and tell about your favorite products (second part).
Task number 1 Task number 2 Task number 3 Task number 4

Riddles in English on the subject "Food, vegetables, fruits" with transcription and translation

Solving riddles is a lot of fun, and therefore, feel free to enter this form of work in English lessons.


Puzzles for lesson number 1 Riddles to lesson number 5 Puzzles for lesson number 4 Puzzles for lesson number 3 Puzzles for lesson number 2

Cartoons for children on the topic "Food, vegetables, fruits"

To diversify the lesson, try also to use multimedia files in the class - movies or cartoons.

What to look for:

  • Food: cartoons in English for children
  • What do you like?
  • Food: English for beginners
  • English for babies: product names?
  • Food verbs

Tips for self-study topics in English "Food, vegetables, fruits" for children and parents


  • Instead of visuals, you can bring real fruits and vegetables to the lesson in order to bring your classes as close as possible to real situations and feelings. Vegetables and fruits can also help you play the scene in the store.
  • One of the simplest but most interesting tasks on this topic is to write a shopping list in a store or a restaurant menu with dishes. Thus, the child will remember everything that he remembers from this topic.
  • Crossword puzzles are best done in a group, rather than individually, for example, dividing the class into two teams and giving everyone the opportunity to earn a ball.
  • Ask the child to complete an unusual task after class: let him go to the refrigerator, open it and list in English all the products that he sees and knows.

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