How to pay with a Conscience card in online stores, on Aliexpress: instructions

At Aliexpress you can pay with a Conscience card. There is one way to do this - find out about it in the article.

Installment cards are becoming increasingly popular, as they are convenient when paying for any purchases.

  • You can get the goods today, and pay after a while. Moreover, you can pay for purchases not only in stationary network stores-partners of the Conscience card, but also in online stores and even Aliexpress.
  • But many users cannot use this card when paying for a purchase. Let's understand all the intricacies of such a payment.
  • From this article you will learn how to pay with a Conscience card in any online store or on Aliexpress.

How to pay with a Conscience card in online stores?

If the online store is a partner of Conscience card, then it will not be difficult to pay for purchases on such a site. In the payment methods you need to choose Mastercard. Then, on the page that opens, enter the cardholder information: name, surname, number "plastic" validity and CVV or CVC code. Then click "Pay".

Payment by conscience card in the online store

Payment takes place instantly, and you can return the money to the card account within a month.

Worth knowing: If the online store is not a partner of the Conscience card, then you won’t be able to pay for the goods in this way.

But you can use a different method. It is suitable both for payment for goods on sites that are not partners of the card, as well as on Aliexpress. Read the information below.

How to pay with a conscience card on Aliexpress: instructions

Conscience Card - payment on Aliexpress via Qiwi

You do not have an account yet Aliexpressbut you want to buy goods on this largest trading platform, thenread the article on this site. From it you will learn how to correctly register for Aliexpress and how to make your first order. You can also explorevideo instructions on this link and go through the registration process for them.

Aliexpress is not a Conscience card partner and therefore it will not work to pay for purchases on this trading platform with the money from the account of this "plastic". However, there is still a way to do this - simply and quickly - through the Qiwi wallet.

Important: Remember that you can pay for goods only if payment can be used in your area Aliexpress through the serviceQIWI Wallet. For example, in Crimea, you won’t be able to use this method, since in this region payment is made only through Yandex.Money, Visa, MasterCard or cash.

So, to make a payment using Qiwi and Conscience cards, follow this instruction:

  • First make a product selection. Then choose a payment method Qiwi wallet (you need to open it in advance in this system, if you do not have it).
Select on this page Kiwi wallet
  • On the next page, enter the phone number and confirm it using the SMS code that will come to your phone.
Enter SMS code
  • Now here, in the Kiwi wallet, you need to make a choice "Payment by credit card".
Credit card payment
  • Enter Conscience card details, click "Pay". Then confirm the payment.
Enter card details

Done! Payment will take place instantly. Everything is simple, fast and convenient.

Remember: You can pay with a card. Conscience of purchase in the amount of not more than 50 000 rubles.

When paying for purchases on Aliexpress and other online stores, installment plan Conscience is 1 month. This is convenient, since you can buy goods now and pay later. Have a nice shopping!

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