Is it possible to wash immediately after a solarium, bathe in a bathtub, a bathhouse, under a shower, go to a bathhouse, a swimming pool and after what time is it possible? Need to wash before or after a tanning bed? Solarium and pool: what first?

When you can wash and take a shower after tanning.

In winter, the skin of many girls does not look very good. Therefore, the fair sex often resort to a variety of procedures. One of them is a solarium. It allows you to give the skin a bronze tint and a nice tan, like in summer.

Need to wash before or after a tanning bed?

Despite the beauty of the procedure, it is harmful to the skin. Before you visit the solarium, you need to know some features. This also applies to showering. Many girls have a question whether it is possible to take a shower before visiting the solarium. If your skin is dirty enough, then of course you should definitely take a shower. But in most cases, girls pre-register for the procedure, so they know when they will visit the solarium.


  • This allows you to pre-plan not only your trip to the solarium, but also to distribute other cosmetic procedures and hygiene measures. The fact is that cosmetologists do not recommend taking a shower right before you find yourself in a tanning bed. The best option is to buy 3 hours before the procedure.
  • In this case, while bathing, do not use aggressive chemicals and soap. The fact is that the soap contains alkali, which can wash off the protective film from the surface of the skin. As a result of this, your epidermis can burn very quickly and the procedure for visiting the solarium will become quite aggressive for your skin.
  • Of course, sometimes after a tanning bed there is a desire to treat yourself to warm water and take a shower. This procedure should be postponed for 2-3 hours. If you really want to freshen up, then after 2 hours you can take a cool shower.
  • As for the contrast shower or hot water, then immediately after visiting the solarium, you should not take a shower. In addition, it is necessary to exclude the use of shower gels, soaps and a variety of detergents.
Tanning in the solarium

Is it possible immediately after the solarium to wash, bathe in the bath, bath, shower, go to the bath and why not?

Regarding procedures such as visiting the bath, such manipulations should be postponed for several days. If you go to the bathhouse immediately after the tanning bed or on the same day, you run the risk of saying goodbye to the tan. The fact is that when you visit the bath and steaming the body, a significant part of the dead particles are washed off. Together with them, part of the tan obtained in the solarium will be washed off. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the bath a few days after visiting the solarium.

Bathing in the bathroom after visiting the solarium is possible no earlier than the next day.

Tanning in the solarium

After how much after a tanning bed, a tanning bed with a bronzer can you wash, bathe in the bath, bath, shower, go to the bath?

All these recommendations are appropriate if you are visiting a solarium, but do not use a variety of creams that enhance the tan. That is, bronzers. If you want your tan to be deeper and more intense, you can use a bronzer. In this case, water procedures should be postponed for a longer period.

It takes time for the bronzer to fully manifest itself. Immediately after visiting the solarium, you can not take a shower. In addition, it is advisable to postpone taking a bath or shower for 5-6 hours. It is worth considering that the bronzer is made on a greasy basis. Therefore, using a variety of detergents, such as soap, shower gel, they can be partially washed off. It is advisable not to bathe 4-5 hours after a tanning bed with a bronzer. And to use a detergent like foam or soap, it is advisable only the next day.

It is worth considering that after visiting the solarium and using a bronzer, you can not use washcloths and a variety of hard brushes.

Solarium with bronzer

Solarium and pool: what first?

In many cosmetology complexes and various in fitness centers, a solarium is often combined with a swimming pool. The fact that the pools are quite seriously chlorinated. High bleach negatively affects skin condition. Therefore, 3 hours before visiting the solarium, and 3 hours after it, you can not swim in the pool.

During tanning in a tanning bed, your skin is not exposed to very useful radiation, so additional contact with bleach can cause irritation, redness, and even a rash.

Swimming pool and solarium

A tanning bed is an excellent procedure that allows you to look tanned year-round and give your skin a bronze hue. So that visiting a solarium does not become a tragedy, follow the rules and do not rush to take a shower or a bath after the procedure.

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