What to do if you pinch your finger, turn a blue nail? The child pinched a finger at the door, what should I do? First aid and folk recipes for a bruised finger

First aid for bruised fingers and nails.

Very young children learn the world, so they climb where they don’t need and can get injured. Quite often, pinching with a door happens. In this article, we will tell you what to do if you or your child pinch a finger.

A child pinched a finger at the door: what to do?

The kid can react quite clearly to painful sensations, scream and cry for a long time. You need to adequately assess the situation and see how broken the integrity of the skin, and what happened to the finger. With a strong pressure on the phalanx of the fingers, they can swell in the joints.


  • If edema does not go away during the day, you should immediately contact a traumatologist. In addition, immediately after the baby injured his finger, you need to apply something cold. This refers to a piece of ice that is worth wrapping in a cloth.
  • If there is no ice, even a frozen piece of meat is suitable, which must be put in a clean towel and applied to a sore spot. Cold will not allow swelling to develop, limbs swell. It is worth doing according to the situation.
  • Quite often, a child injures a finger in the area of ​​the nail. In this case, if the blow is quite strong, then a hemorrhage forms under the nail. This bruise darkens, turns black, blue or red. Over time, such a nail plate comes off with a film, and a new one grows in its place. Your task in this case is to monitor the condition of the nail and see how well it grows.
  • Cut the nail in time so that the child does not tear it off in any way, nor does a secondary infection join. Often resort to the help of a surgeon. He makes a hole in a diseased nail so that all the contents, that is, the blood that was baked under the plate, freely exits and does not develop swelling, suppuration. The task of the parents, after the crumbs have pinched the nail, is to control the growth and prevent ingrowth.

The child pinched a finger, turned a blue nail: first aid

The procedure does not change. The main thing is to recognize a bruise or fracture. Among the signs of a fracture, one can distinguish:

  • Severe edema that does not go away during the day
  • Growing pain
  • Inability to move or bend a finger
  • Strange deformation of the fingers, unusual for you
Bruise on the finger

In such cases, it is urgent to contact a traumatologist, who after radiography will determine what to do with your fingers. He will also find out the severity of the damage. If, despite edema, severe pain, you can still move your fingers, it bends and unbends normally, then most likely it is just a bruise.


  • In this case, it is enough to apply cold or lower the limb into ice water. Keep in the cold for about 15-20 minutes. After that, lubricate the damaged area with some kind of anesthetic ointment.
  • Diclofenac or Voltaren, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointments that quickly relieve pain, are suitable. If the pain is still quite severe, we recommend that you take a pain medication inside.
  • For this purpose, conventional analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are suitable. An ideal option would be the powder Nise, Nimesil, which perfectly remove the symptoms of any damage, shock and bruises.
  • Further, it remains only to observe the condition of the diseased finger. If the edema subsided, only a small hematoma remained, that's okay. In order for it to quickly dissolve, you can use Heparin ointment or Troxevasin.
  • Starting from day 3, you can use warming compresses in order to quickly resolve the hematoma. In no case should you first apply something hot to a sore spot. This will increase blood flow, increase the redness of the finger and at the same time it will become hot to the touch, with severe pain.

What to do if a child has pinched a nail plate?


  • If at the same time you pinched the nail plate, then in order to release blood, as well as pus from under the nail, we recommend contacting a traumatologist or surgeon. They have a special device with which a small hole is made in the nail, and the contents formed under the nail plate flow out through it.
  • This helps preserve the nail, as well as protect it from peeling. Therefore, if you do not want to wait for your nail to peel off, I recommend that you immediately consult a doctor so that it facilitates the process of leaving the contents from under the nail.
  • In no case do not recommend independently piercing the nail with a needle, as indicated in some sources. Thus, you can easily introduce an infection, thereby provoking an abscess or sepsis. In this case, you will have to visit a surgeon who will tear off a nail and perform a purge of suppuration. It is possible to alleviate the condition after a blow with the help of folk remedies.

Pinched a finger: alternative methods of treatment

Please note that you can help with pinching your finger with several methods that are often used by the people.


  • Potato compress. To do this, you need to take a small tuber, peel it, wash and grind it on a grater. After this, the resulting slurry is applied to the nailed finger, fixed with a patch, and left. Change the bandage about 2 times a day. It is also necessary to sleep with this slurry on the finger.
  • Onion mixture. This tool is used if an abscess is observed together with a nailed finger, that is, a swelling or ingrown nail. To do this, it is necessary to peel a small onion from the husk, grind it in a blender or on a grater, to the state of puree. Introduce a tablespoon of brown soap shavings, which says 72%, and attach to the affected finger. It is best to do such a manipulation at night. This will help remove pus as quickly as possible, and also contribute to healing.
Beautiful nails

If the nail has come off the finger, and under it was an absolutely unprotected nail plate, in this case, we recommend daily treatment with antiseptics. It does not have to be an alcohol-containing product. Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, or furatsilina solution is suitable. If you are doing dirty work, it is best to cover this finger with your fingertip so that dust, dirt and infection do not get into the affected area.

Finger processing

Quite often, after a nailed finger grows, onycholysis can be observed in some places. That is, not nail extension to the nail bed. Under it, corresponding voids are formed. In this case, we recommend protecting the sore spot with a fingertip, or performing prosthetics using acrylate or acrylic.

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