How to open and peel a coconut at home: tips

Opening coconut at home is easy. It is necessary to pour the milk and chop the shell.

  • Coconut is considered a fatty nut. Even scientists until recently doubted its benefits - they were sure that it adversely affects blood vessels, clogging them with cholesterol
  • But a lot of research has been done, and now the whole world knows that coconut successfully fights cholesterol plaques in its vessels. It is useful due to plant fiber and a high content of vitamins and minerals.
  • Many people try not to buy coconuts, despite their benefits to the body. All this is due to the fact that at home it is difficult to open. If you know how to open a nut correctly, then doing it yourself is not at all difficult.

So you bought coconut at the supermarket, what's next?

How to open coconut at home?


Ripe and tasty coconut will be large. Its shell is hard and strong. How to open coconut at home, so that you can get a truly heavenly pleasure from its taste?

Follow these steps:

  • Rinse the nut well under running water
  • Learn it: the top end of the coconut has three indentations or three large dark dots
  • Take an ice chopping knife or screwdriver and push one of the holes
  • Now you can insert a straw for cocktail drinks and drink coke milk, or you can pour it into a mug
Coconut halves

Important: If the hole cannot be made, then tap the hammer inserted into the recess.

  • After that, put the coconut on the table and knock on it with a hammer on all sides - the nut will begin to crack into pieces

Important: Be careful with the hammer so as not to damage your hands and fingers!

  • The pulp can be picked up with a knife in small pieces

Tip: If the flesh is poorly separated from the shell, then put the chopped halves in a preheated oven (200 degrees) for 15 minutes. A microwave is available.

Important: After that, delicious snow-white pulp will be well separated even with a spoon.

How to peel a coconut: tips and reviews

Coconut Shell Flower Pot

If everything is done correctly, then there is nothing complicated in this process. Nowadays, almost every person knows how to peel a coconut. You can buy this nut in any supermarket. Its price is low, and adults and children like the taste - it’s a tasty and satisfying nut.

Other people's tips and reviews will tell you about little tricks that will help you easily and quickly get a treat from a hard shell.

Tip: If you want to surprise your guests with such a meal, then get the pulp from the nut in advance so as not to spoil the impression of a delicious dessert.

Tip: Coconut shell can serve as a decorative complement to the interior. Its halves will look beautiful in the aquarium as a decor or as flower pots for small cacti. In this case, the nut should not be smashed with a hammer, but cut in half with a hacksaw.

Aquarium coconut shell halves

Important: Before cutting with a hacksaw, do not forget to drain the milk first. This method of cleaning requires a lot of effort and time, but the halves of the shell are perfectly used on the farm.

Tip: When you pick out the flesh with a knife, be careful not to cut your fingers!

Important: The pulp must be eaten during the day. After 24 hours, she begins to sour.

Feel yourself in paradise - try coconut! Enjoy your meal!

Video: How to open a coconut?

The video will help you visually see how to open a coconut yourself.

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