Why things and equipment break down in the house: ancient and modern interpretations will accept, solution methods

If things and equipment often break down in your house, then you should pay attention to the energy of your house and aura. About how breakdowns and other domestic troubles are eliminated and the article will be discussed.


All this is due to the fact that there is a breakdown, what is happening due to technology, because of a door lock, because of a suddenly blown out light bulb. This is due to the fact that you were exposed to negative energy. By the way, this is far from a joke. We study various stories about this.

Things and equipment break down in the house: signs from the past

Signs from the past:

  • All dwellings are covered in a spiritual way. They should to ensure that residents can not cause harm - not in word or deed.
  • Make sure his defended , for example, in a videoconf, honey, milk, etc.
It is important to ask a shave brownie
  • Thus, avenging the owners of the home.
  • If the house has violin doors or floorboards, then we can hear strange shocking in the corners, especially at night, things and equipment break down - All this was attributed to the intrigues of the brownie.

Things and equipment break down in the house: modernity versus antiquity

Signs of the present:

  • Today, there is a well-known Chinese doctrine of feng shui, Angeles explains. why things and equipment break down in the house from his position Without.
  • What does it consist of? It constantly circulates energy. When energy movement disorders threads, problems may occur.
  • Therefore, experts of the Chinese teachings recommend not littering the living room with unnecessary furniture and things, as well as harmoniously using the minimum necessary items that you use in everyday life.

We can say that the opinion of the ancient sages is somewhat similar to contemporaries: how you feel about your home, the more it answers you. If you take care of the house, you will receive it in return: your home will protect you or warn about possible problems.

Things and equipment break down in the house: interpretation of phenomena

What troubles can a person or his close circle encounter ifthings break down in the house, and how to explain these phenomena?

  1. Regular breakage of locks, difficulties with turning the key in the doors (constantly jamming), sudden slamming of the doors, as if due to an accidental draft, indicates that the inhabitants of the house (or possibly guests) all the time bring in the negative. This may be due to:
  • constant quarrels and misunderstandings among family members.
  • one of the tenants with a negative aura.
  • the impact of some bad events from the past on the current state of affairs and households (for example, if the previous owners left behind a negative energy "fleur").
  1. Cracked mirror or glass for no apparent reason is considered a sign of extreme negativityemitted by people living in the house. If the mirror cracked in half, then this sign indicates that in the family something bad can happen and even death. In this regard, it is recommended to immediately throw out the damaged mirror and, in no case, look into it.

    This is how negative is expressed

  2. All equipment suddenly breaks down - this is evidence about the impact of the strongest negative energy. This is due to the connection of household appliances to the network and, accordingly, their connection with the energy fields in the house. And if residents endlessly experience conflicts or stress, then they will have to deal with the problem of burned out household appliances.
  3. Similar incidents can also be expected by a family in which one of the residents died not so long ago - in this way the home expresses its grief over the deceased.
  4. Another option for explaining strange sudden breakdowns of equipment, leaks in pipes and cracks in the stucco is the reaction of the house to the violent death that occurred in it: murder, suicide or a long stay in it of a person who was struck by a serious illness.

    Failure of all equipment

  5. It is believed that home appliances often break down in houses whose inhabitants are very worried about the material aspects of life, completely forgetting about the spiritual.
  6. If there are “envious”, envious people in your surroundings, the reaction to the technique is negative, right after the insincere praise has sounded (for example, a pretense of admiration for a friend with your brand new TV), namely: inevitable breakdown or, at least, malfunctions and malfunctions. Feng Shui on this occasion declares: the more complex the device of a household power unit, the easier it is to jinx it. So try to show off less brand new smartphones or other gadgets to your friends.
  7. Infinitely flowing pipes, plumbing fixtures, a “dishwasher” or a “washing machine” indicate a disagreement with your own finances: most likely the money in such a family does not stay for long, spending on unnecessary things and useless pleasures. Members of such a family are always in debt or too stingy. Advice in this situation: plan your expenses more carefully, invest in a business, help others. Thus, there will be a constant circulation of material goods, nourished by the gratitude of others - which will invariably affect the financial flow into your wallet.

Things and equipment break down in the house: what to do?

Follow the advice of knowledgeable people to avoid the above incidents:

  • The main advice from those who faced a situation when things and equipment break down, leaks occur, cracks in the walls are thorough cleaning of the home, literally from floor to ceiling: the destruction of the web, the fight against dust and dirt in the most remote corners.
To prevent the walls from cracking, cleaning is needed
  • It will be useful get rid of trash: broken things, torn, old clothes or shoes.
  • Then you need to do your own cleansing: visit the sauna, wash yourself properly, go to church, chat with the priest, go through the sacrament procedure, light candles for the health of yourself and loved ones. Believe me, after all these procedures it will become much easier for you to breathe, you will feel calm, vital and material matters will begin to bounce back.

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