Alena and Elena: one name or not? What is the difference between the names Elena and Alena?

Do you think Alena and Elena are one name? Let's look at this issue in more detail.

Among the huge assortment of female names, the names Elena and Alena are very popular. Because of these names, various disputes arise very often. Many believe that Alena and Elena are the same name, but some people claim that they are completely different.

Alena and Elena: one name or not?

When you hear the name "Alena", it may seem that now a girl from a fairy tale or a girl with round cheeks, depicted on the cover of a chocolate bar, will come out. What is Alena?

  • The name Alena is a modified name Elena. If translated from Greek, it means sunlight, torch. But scientists argue that these names are considered completely different, since they have different roots.
  • Alena is an old Russian name. In ancient times, "warriors" were called warlike tribes that lived on the territory of the Russian Federation. The symbol of these tribes was considered a sword with fire. In addition, the pagans Alena was the goddess of the morning dawn. Ordinary people called girls with that name Deer. A little later, the Russian name Alena became very common among the people.
Elena or Alena
  • Name Helena came to people thanks Greek language. It translates to "sunlight." The name became especially popular after the baptism of Russia took place. The peak of the name’s popularity falls on the 20th century. The name was loved by both rich and ordinary people.
  • At the moment, this name is considered a fairly popular option, and therefore from time to time the name Elena takes one of the leading positions. All because it has a beautiful meaning and sounds beautiful. The name Elena harmonizes well with each surname and various middle names.

What is the difference between the names Elena and Alena?

Philologists say that Alena is a specific name that came from Elena's name after conversational fatigue. This is because the name itself has a great age. Alain’s name is so old that scientists still don’t know exactly how it is deciphered correctly.

We call Elena or Alena

There are several variations:

  • Alena is a ray of sunshine or light. This version is the most ideal.
  • Hellenes. So the Greeks called themselves. This version of the name is considered rather doubtful, and therefore often people discard it.
  • Reed Torch. This phrase is written as follows ἑλάνη. However, this form is also not confirmed.

In the 80s of the last century, these names were officially allowed to be recorded in documents. In other words, Alena and Elena are completely different names, often used by people.

Many girls are offended if they are called not Alens, but Elena. Maybe the fact is that these names sound differently. If you start to understand these names, then they are considered different forms of the same name. Therefore, you can safely call Alena Elena, and vice versa. But from a legal point of view - these names are considered different, even though they have the same roots.

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