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Wedding in the Orthodox Church. How is the wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church? The essence and mystery of the Orthodox wedding

Features of the sacrament of church weddings in the Orthodox Church. Choice of date, attire, witnesses.
  • God brings people together. In his power and compiling the whole picture of our fate, "random" meetings, trials and sorrows
  • Before the Bolsheviks came to power, our ancestors honored church canons and were very reverent about the sacrament of marriage. There was no question of any cohabitation or civil union; all this was considered a shame and was not welcomed in society.
  • All the scriptures say that man was created by God, that is, He is our father and ancestor who related all people to each other.
  • And that means, without his will, blessing, and kind parting word, to start an important business is to doom him to failure in advance. Probably because our ancestors revered their elder family members so much and without their permission and approval did not enter into marriage

The meaning of the wedding in the Orthodox Church?

young hold candles during a wedding
  • Even if you consider yourself not a religious person and don’t go to churches, you still feel that a wedding is a serious step for spouses
  • Priests say that at the time of the wedding, a young couple lets Jesus Christ into their family. He protects them from adversity and discord, strengthens it, if both spouses are true to each other
  • In the face of the Holy Icons and God, people fasten their union, merge together, turn into a single whole
  • In this way, a young couple receives the blessing of the Almighty and undertakes to fulfill his commandments.
  • Those who have passed the sacrament of wedding, note that they felt the inspiration during the ceremony, even greater intimacy with their loved one

Wedding Rules

beautiful couple get married
  • Your intention should be reported to the priest in advance. To consult with him on all matters of concern to the minds of a young couple
  • The date of the wedding should not be chosen during fasting
  • Crowned by Christians, if they were baptized in the church, are not married to another. Between representatives of different faiths, for example, Muslim, Buddhist, wedding in the Orthodox Church is impossible
  • Clothes for this sacrament are chosen elegant, light colors. For women, a long sleeve, closed shoulders, back, or the use of a cloak covering them is desirable
  • Before the rite, a betrothal is held in the church, when the young are given a period for approval in their intention to bind fate
  • Photo and video shooting of the wedding ceremony in the church are allowed, the main thing is to make this point in advance with the priest
  • The wedding is held for those who have reached the age of 18 years and have registered a marriage in the registry office
  • It is permissible to perform a man’s wedding ceremony three times in his life if he is widowed or his marriage has been dissolved with the consent of the church
  • To close relatives the priest will refuse to conduct the sacrament
  • On the eve of the wedding date, a young couple observes the fast and confesses to the priest

How to prepare for a wedding in the Orthodox Church?

serious faces of the newlyweds during the wedding
Before starting the Holy Sacrament for matrimony, you should consider and fulfill several points:
  • choose the right date. The church has its own routine and life, because weddings are not held during fasting, holidays
  • decide on the temple where the wedding will take place
  • agree with the priest who will conduct the service. It may be your confessor from another church / cathedral
  • prepare a wedding set. By the way, you can buy it ready in the church shop.
  • rings. Some time ago, a young couple brought one gold and one silver ring. The first symbolizes the sun and male energy, the second - the moon, the female. And the ceremony itself was considered a combination of two creative principles into one for the birth of a new life.
  • carefully choose an outfit. Usually this is a dress that was dressed on the day of marriage at the registry office. But many couples come to the desire to get married consciously later than this. Then the outfit is chosen different. For women, long-sleeved closed dresses on the floor and a scarf on the head are optimal
  • be sure to come to confession and take communion the day before, observe the required duration of fasting

How to choose the best wedding days?

choose the date of the wedding according to the calendar
As noted above, a church or temple has its own daily routine, in which there are days only for the prayers and divine services of the monks. For example, during fasting, the great holidays known in the world, the wedding ceremony is not performed.
Each temple has its own schedule for the whole year in advance. You can familiarize yourself with it when you come to the father to agree on a date.
An approximate wedding calendar in 2016 is presented here, and for 2017 here.

What is needed for a wedding in an Orthodox church?

wedding icons
Before the wedding ceremony, a young couple should:
  • come to an interview with the priest, to stipulate the date of the sacrament with him
  • follow all his instructions regarding the post
  • agree on the day of the arrival of the young couple for confession and communion
  • talk about the engagement - whether it will be held a few months before the wedding or on the same day will be the last one

On the day of the sacrament, a young couple prepares:

  • icons of the Savior and the Virgin Mary, perhaps they are transferred as a relic in one of the families from parents to children
  • cross stitches
  • rings
  • special wedding candles. They can be bought on the spot in the church shop.
  • rushnyk under the feet
  • hand towel or cloth
  • scarves for holding candles and wreaths, total 4 pieces
  • bread, wine, sweets
Many temples also require two witnesses who will hold the crowns over the married couple and help in the process of the sacrament. These people are chosen from among baptized Christians who regularly attend church services.

What kind of wedding rings are needed?

boxed wedding rings
  • More than 10 centuries ago, there was a tradition of engagement on the eve of the wedding. Both of these ordinances were performed only in the face of God in the church.
  • Closer to our time, betrothal began to be considered marriage registration in the registry office. Some couples believe that this act is enough to create a new family, another part - no. They either come under the influence of fashion, pressure from parents, personal mutual desire to get married in the church
  • According to church canons, wedding rings differ from wedding rings. The second is a symbol of the desire to reunite in a union of two people. Externally, they can be anything up to expensive gemstones.
  • Wedding rings are more modest and simple jewelry. On their inner side, our ancestors carved prayers, and we - the date of the wedding and the name of the spouse
  • Correctly selected rings - gold to her husband, silver - to her. The first personifies Jesus Christ and divine power, the second - the Church, purity, loving service

How to choose a wedding dress in the Orthodox Church?

the right wedding attire of the bride
Perhaps this is the most exciting and scrupulous question for every bride. After all, she wants to be the most compelling and beautiful on her wedding day.
What should be required in the dress of the bride:
  • dress or skirt below the knee length
  • closed shoulders, chest, back. For open styles of wedding dresses, take a wrap
  • the head is covered with a veil, scarf, hat
More details about the nuances of choosing a wedding dress look here.

How is the wedding in the Orthodox Church?

young couple before the start of the wedding
  • The sacrament of marriage begins with engagement, if a young couple arrived at the church after the registry office. All time in the church there is a liturgy
  • At the entrance they are met by a priest and leads inside. At the same time, the newlyweds are located like this - the man on the right, the woman on the left, and both are turned facing the altar
  • The deacon takes out the engagement rings on the tray, which were prepared in advance and lay on the altar
  • The priest overshadows the young couple with the sign of the cross with the help of lit wedding candles and hands them to them. It is a symbol of the meeting of two loving hearts who want to tie their destinies together
  • Further, the priest invites the young to put on the rings, reading special prayers and voicing their intention to get engaged. He overshadows each of the couple with a sign of the Cross - first a man, then a woman and he puts on them rings. After the bride and groom exchange rings in a sign of readiness to share their joys and troubles with each other
  • Then a young couple stands on a rushnyk, which means their desire to have one fate for two. They confirm this three times, answering the question of the priest, that they promised no one their heart
  • Prayers are read, service continues. All those present in the church pray with the priest for the happiness of the young
  • Then the crowns are brought out and the priest first overshadows the young with the sign of the Cross and places them on their heads. A witness can hold a crown over the bride because of her magnificent hairstyle
  • The priest ties the right hands of the young rushnyks and leads three times around the lectern
  • Then the deacon brings wine in a bowl, over which the priest reads prayers and offers to drink three times in succession a man and a woman
  • Having joined his right hands together and covered them with his epitrachel, the priest again leads a young couple three times in a circle. Leads to the golden gate, where they take turns kissing the icons of the Savior and the Virgin
  • In the final of the wedding, the priest gives a cross for kissing to the husband and wife and gives them the icons with which they were married. Their newlyweds can hang over their bed to maintain constant communication with the Almighty

The duration of the wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church

young hold wedding candles in their hands
Different churches have their own rules and canons, which may slightly differ from church-wide ones. Therefore, the duration of the wedding ceremony is cited from 40 minutes to an hour.

What is the cost of a wedding in an Orthodox church?

As you know, there is a difference in the cost of a wedding in a rural church or in a large legal church in the capital. You can find out the exact number from the priest, to whom you will come the day before to agree on the date and all the nuances. On average, the amount varies from 10 to 35 $.

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Weddings in the Orthodox Church: Signs

young enter the middle of the temple for a wedding
  • Before the ceremony, no one should see the face of the bride, not even the bridegroom. For this, a thick veil was used. Nowadays, the face of the bride is covered with openwork or more transparent headlights / shawls
  • After the bride left for a wedding in the house where she lived, floors were washed so that she would not return home, and her family life was happy
  • If during the sacrament of the wedding someone dropped the crown, to be a widow
  • During the ceremony, the married should not look into each other's eyes. It bodes a short term of love and betrayal
  • According to signs, the rings should be smooth, without stones and inscriptions, so that the life of young people was smooth and good.
  • If the wedding candles burst violently during the rite, being young difficult

Wedding ceremony in the Orthodox Church: reviews

happy husband and wife after wedding
Polina and Victor, a young family
We got married a year after painting at the registry office. They came to this step consciously, regularly attended church services and communicated with the spiritual father. Got permission to videotap the rite. Surprisingly, during the viewing process, we saw that at some point they became similar to each other externally. And in everyday life, many acute moments began to smooth out. We felt that Higher Forces support us and give us inspiration to overcome all the bends of fate.
Galina and Eugene, a family with 10 years of experience
We got married immediately after painting in the registry office. It was more a tribute to fashion than our conscious decision. We went through many difficulties and trials, were on the verge of divorce three times. But stayed together. We believe that God decided to tie us tightly together and helped to overcome all the challenges of fate. For this we are immensely grateful to him!

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