A belt for success, as a gift: signs. The symbolic meaning of the color of the belt. Fortune telling and rites

The belt for many is one of the most necessary accessories. Let's find out what signs are associated with this element of the wardrobe.

Each house has a belt and belt in the closet. Thanks to the designers, now you can buy a belt for every taste and color. But the belt is not only an accessory and decor, but also an amulet.

Belt for Success: Signs

According to signs about the belt, we tie this accessory in a circle, and thereby protect ourselves from evil spirits. Through this circle, no evil force will come to you. That is why our great-grandfathers constantly wore belts as close to the body as possible and, starting from birth. This was an important sign for them from their fathers. If a person did not have a belt, this meant that he was somehow connected with the other world, dark forces or witchcraft.

  • The belt served as a talisman for newborns. According tosigns about the belt during the baptismal rite, the baby was tied with a cord. Evil will never come to a belted baby.
  • Nowadays, the envelope of an infant is tied with bright ribbons, written out of the hospital, this tradition has gone back to ancient times.
  • Few people know the saying: "Tie a belt to success." All knowledge about the belt does not characterize it from the best side: “Tighten the belt more strongly”, speaking of strong savings.
  • Our ancestors had another saying, filled with meaning: "The beggar does not have to dress long, only gird", and it is not so important whether there are shoes and a shirt. According tosigns about the belthe was tied to attract success, not with thoughts of poverty. Even if the tramp has nothing, the main thing is to have a belt tied up - a talisman and patron.
  • According to signs about the beltthat our great-grandfathers followed, the belly is life, so it was customary to tie a belt around the waist to fasten the vital principle. For this purpose, belts were decorated with beads, embroideries, and whoever had money, then with precious stones.
  • They did a lot of belts and each had its own purpose. There were belts for eternal love, for happiness, a belt for soldiers, for travelers. Each person had his own individual belt. It was forbidden to use someone else’s signs, otherwise all the misfortunes of the old master will be passed on to you.

Belts were still called sashes, belts. It was these belts that should be worn on clothes. But there were also very thin belts that were worn on the body.

Gift belt: omens

Belts were made as a gift on their own. In the process, they shared positive energy, wished happiness, good luck and thought only about good. It was decided to give the belt only to good people, which meant that the gift would be appreciated in these hands.

This gift had special meaning and meaning when it was presented to parents, leadership or lover.

  • According to signs, belt from a string of lilac, silver, blue and violet shades weaved for building relationships with close people, with relatives.
  • A belt of genuine leather or other valuable fabrics was made for loved ones. Decorated with a buckle in black or silver. They could also use blue.
  • A belt of bright fabrics, such as burgundy, with scarlet or white weaving, was presented to the beloved. When you give it, you should also tie it on your loved one.
  • According to signs about the belt, if you want to pacify the person who commands you, give him as a gift a belt in violet-white tones.
Can give

You should definitely thank for this gift. The person who allows you to tie a belt with your own hand, already at a subconscious level, reciprocates you. The gift has the opposite meaning if it was not accepted. This person does not want to have anything to do with you.

However, it is worthwhile to carefully consider such a gift and see who gives it. The giver may have completely unkind intentions, maybe he wants to subordinate you or program for loneliness. Do not take a belt made of thick, tough and plain leather or of rough fabric.

The symbolic meaning of the color of the belt

The color of the belt plays a huge role. Color has properties that affect a person’s condition.

  • White belt worn by people who are ready to give up something in their life for the sake of another. If you don’t want to be influenced, just sew an orange thread into your belt.
  • Red belt - this is super energy. However, you need to be careful when choosing a shade of red so as not to become too aggressive. Choose not very saturated colors.
  • Black color belt shows the feelings of its owner, a passion for the opposite sex.
Color is important
  • Violet makes it clear that the owner is ready to compromise and forgive. Give such belts to improve relations after quarrels.
  • Blue belt helps to keep secrets and not talk too much.
  • According to signs about the belt accessory yellow color gives the owner wisdom and common sense.
  • Solid orange belt should not be worn at all. However, orange threads are acceptable to reduce the influence of other plain belts.

Beliefs related to belts

It was customary to look after the belt and prevent scuffs, divergence of seams, monitor the integrity of the pattern.

There were also beliefs associated with damaged belts:

  • If the belt was torn on a person, one should expect a deterioration in health and even death. To prevent this, a person had to put on a priest's robe and take the dignity, constantly pray, and come to the aid of the poor and needy, to give alms.
  • According to signs about the belt if a belt spoiled, a hole appeared, the buckle broke or the decoration spoiled, financial problems will soon be waiting for you.

To reduce the negative impact of these beliefs, a belt or belt should be burned in a furnace, and decorative elements should be buried in the ground in an uninhabited place.

  • If your friend lost his belt or was stolen, but after a while he was found, then no matter how valuable he was, he should be thrown away. This meant that the belt you lost was not accidental; unclean forces contributed to this - this take on the belt worth remembering, because it is very important.
  • A belt ripped off by another person meant an insult. The belt should have been taken from the perpetrator and hit him at least once. It was not yet possible to wear it. He should be in a dark place for forty days, then he was carried to church and consecrated.

Fortune telling and rites

Fortune-tellers used the belt to increase love and improve well-being. On New Year's Eve, the housewives should have joined together in a belt between themselves household and household utensils in order to increase the capital of the family.

  • To learn about the wedding and about his future lover, a belt also helped. In the park or in the forest, it was necessary to find two aspen trees, which would be possible to tie together with a belt. If you succeed, there will be a wedding soon. This sign about the belt very old and effective.
  • They also took the lock and tied it to a belt, locked it, and put the key under the pillow and sentenced the bride-groom to come, find and open the lock.
  • By signsso that the future husband would dream, put under the pillow belt the most beautiful and asked the groom to come, wash, wipe and gird.
  • To attract a lover, you should go out and stand at the intersection of two roads, take off your belt and wave it 3 times, saying: "Wind, run, wind, blow - bring me the groom!"
Using belts, guessing

Like these ones signswere connected with belts and belts. Tie them tight and make sure they serve you as long as possible.

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