The correct bandage for pregnant women. How to wear a bandage for pregnant women?

Types of bandages for pregnant women. Instructions for wearing a bandage.

For women who are pregnant with their first child, the question often arises: why, when, and most importantly how to wear a belt for pregnant women? We will answer all these questions in our article.

What does a maternity band look like?

The classic bandage for pregnant women is a special belt with an extension on the back and a narrower part that is worn under the stomach. Also known are species such as bandage briefs and a corset.

Maternity Bandage

The main purpose of this device is to help a woman easier to endure the gestation period. The bandage supports the stomach, promotes proper load distribution, protects against stretch marks, relieves pain from the lower back and spine, and also helps the child to some extent.

IMPORTANT: There is a device for the postpartum period, designed to stimulate the speedy return of the former figure.

What is a pregnant bandage for?

The bandage greatly facilitates the course of pregnancy. Check out the main positive aspects of using this device:

Maternity bandage makes bearing difficult
  • The bandage prevents stretching of the skin, loss of its elasticity and the appearance of ugly red stripes, which soon become white and forever remain on the skin. Stretch marks can be removed only in the beauty parlor, and this requires financial costs. All other ways to overcome them are reduced only to lightening and slight smoothing of the bands. Therefore, if you want to look good after childbirth, be sure to consult your doctor about wearing a bandage
  • The bandage reduces fetal pressure on the pelvic organs and the spine, as a result of which you will not be bothered by pain in the lower back, lower abdomen, or back
  • Significantly reduced the likelihood of a miscarriage
  • The bandage helps to cope with pain in the legs, swelling of the lower extremities and their fatigue. Wearing a bandage is especially important for women who spend several hours standing on their feet.
  • The belt regulates the course of pregnancy and the bearing of the fetus. Its use is mandatory if you expect twins
  • It is no secret that head presentation - a posture in which the baby is positioned head down before delivery - is optimal for an easy and successful delivery. With pelvic presentation, a cesarean section is prescribed, this position of the child is fraught with complications. The bandage regulates the correct position of the fetus in the womb, so experts recommend wearing it to all pregnant women, without exception
  • In untrained women, the abdominal muscles are often not in good shape. Relaxation of the abdominal muscles is also observed during repeated pregnancy. In this case, wearing a bandage is mandatory, it perfectly supports the stomach, when the body’s own resources cannot cope with it
  • By about 38 weeks of gestation, the fetus begins to sink, preparing to be born. Along with it, the stomach falls. Omission may occur earlier, which is not the norm, and wear a bandage to prevent this.
  • The bandage is indicated for varicose veins, with osteochondrosis
Maternity Bandage

IMPORTANT: Some doctors oppose wearing a bandage. If you do not have any of the indications for its use listed below, it is better to refrain from using it.

Indications for use of the belt for pregnant women:

  • carrying twins
  • low position of the fetus in the womb, as a result of which the abdomen falls
  • pinched nerve in the lumbar region, which provokes neurological pain
  • operations in the abdomen, which were performed no later than 1.5 years ago
  • a scar on the uterus that appears after surgery on the gynecological part, including the previous cesarean pregnancy
  • underdeveloped cervix
  • probability of miscarriage
  • unbearable pain in the legs, lower back, back, spine

IMPORTANT: Before deciding whether to wear a belt or not, consult your gynecologist. According to all your examinations, he is the only one who can recommend the device.

There are indications in which a maternity bandage is required

How to choose a bandage for pregnant women by size?

There is a table of sizes of bandages, which you can focus on when choosing. But the only way to choose a belt really in size is to try it on.

You can buy a belt in a pharmacy or special stores for expectant mothers. Experts advise you to choose a device in a pharmacy located at the hospital, or in departments for pregnant women. There are consultants who will help determine both the type and material of the device, and its size.

Feel free to try on different belts. After all, the wrong size of the bandage can affect the health of the child. The tissue should not press on the stomach, but only gently envelop it and support it. In the case of tight bandage, you risk serious harm to the developing baby.

Maternity Bandage Size, Table

In the tables below you can find out the size of the belt, which is suitable specifically for you, by height and weight or by the circumference of the hips. Additionally, information is given on the size of the postpartum bandages.

Bandage size chart by height and weight Hip Bandage Size Chart

How to choose a bandage for pregnant women?

IMPORTANT: In order to choose the right bandage, you need to determine the look - panties, corset, belt or combined, as well as size.

It is also important to choose the material from which the belt is made. Cheap models that women often stop on so as not to overpay are made of synthetic fabrics that prevent the skin from breathing. This is extremely harmful for both the future mother and the baby. Choose a belt only from natural materials.

As for the model itself, it is best to try on each and choose the one in which you are most comfortable. The belt should not press on either the stomach or any other area. If you experience even the slightest discomfort, immediately discard this option.

Types of Maternity Bandages

Bandages are divided into prenatal, postpartum, as well as universal - those that are perfect for both periods.

There is also a division of bandages by model.

Belt It is an elastic fabric tape that expands on the back and tapers under the stomach. Belts have different options for buckles. They are worn exclusively on underwear for hygiene purposes.

Bandage belt

Panties made in the form of ordinary underpants, only in front they have a special insert that supports the stomach. There are certain inconveniences in using this type of device. Since the bandage-underwear is worn without underwear, it has to be washed every day, so it is advisable to purchase several of these models at once. If a woman experiences frequent urge to urinate, difficulties arise when wearing such a bandage, since it has to be constantly removed

Bandage panties

Combined Bandage suitable for both the pregnancy stage and the postpartum period. It is made of rubberized fabric, ordinary Velcro fasteners act as fasteners. This belt is worn with a narrow part forward during pregnancy and a wide part on the stomach after childbirth

Combined Bandage

Corset You can still find it on sale, but this is an outdated model, which today is recognized by gynecologists as ineffective. Doctors do not recommend purchasing this option

When should you start wearing a maternity bandage?

You should think about using the belt already when the stomach is just beginning to appear. Usually this is the 4th month of gestation, which equals 20-24 weeks of obstetric pregnancy.

IMPORTANT: Often the bandage is shown at an earlier or later stage. Talk with your gynecologist about your individual situation.

How to wear a bandage for pregnant women? Video

For each device for pregnant women in the kit there is an instruction for dressing and wearing a model. Read it carefully. You can try putting on the belt even in the store when you select it. Qualified consultants will help you here.

Your doctor can also explain all the intricacies of wearing a bandage, do not hesitate to ask him questions. And remember: the health of your child depends on the correct wearing of the belt.

Video: How to Wear a Maternity Bandage

How much do you need to wear a maternity bandage?

The bandage should not be worn for a whole day, it must be removed. This is due to the fact that the device, supporting the stomach, to one degree or another, still limits the possibility of moving the child in the womb. So that the baby does not feel constrained, every 2-3 hours the bandage must be removed for at least 30 minutes.

Belts are not recommended in the third trimester. If the child by this time did not occupy the desired position head down, then the belt will greatly interfere with it. But if the baby is already in the head presentation, then the bandage will only fix this position and prevent the child from turning over incorrectly.

At the very last stages of gestation, the bandage is contraindicated. This is due to the lowering of the abdomen in anticipation of childbirth, which will prevent the belt.

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