The relationship of eyebrow color with eye color. How to choose eyebrow color depending on eye color?

How to choose the color of eyebrows by color type, depending on the color of hair, skin, eyes.

The fashion for the shape, color and even the density of the eyebrows changes quite often. But fashion trends suit units, but what about everyone else? The best option will, of course, be an individual selection of the shape and color of the eyebrows. But, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find a good master, and you have to take everything into your own hands. In fact, to master this science is very simple, you only need to get acquainted with the basic principles.

Harmony of complexion. The main color combinations in the face

Absolutely all the girls at least once heard about the color types of the seasons. Once again, recall the differences.

  • Winter. It is pale, milk-soft skin, lips bright as a rosebud and resin-dark hair. The image of classic vampires, as well as the good Snow White, was written off just from the Winter color type. And also fun Mulan. How so, because her skin is dark. Oddly enough, brunettes, owners of brown eyes belong to the winter color type, even if they are black
  • Spring. Their skin is perfect and even. A gentle peach ebb has been praised for centuries, the presence of a blush does not leave indifferent many artists, photographers and filmmakers. And with all this, one cannot fail to mention cute sunny kisses - freckles. Gold plays in the hair - they can be from golden-light to golden-brown. And what kind of eyes do they have - blue, olive, light brown. Spring color type is considered to be the most tender
  • Summer. Muffledness and coldness of light shades. The skin is pale, but with a bluish tint, beige, but with an olive tint. Curls in the summer color type are from light to dark blond, sometimes reaching chestnut hues. Eyes are gray, or gray-green, gray-blue
  • Autumn. Red, perky autumn. Remember the image of an Irish girl. This is autumn in its purest form. Bright skin seems to glow from the inside, red strands play in the sun, eyes are most often dark-yarn, hazel-brown, but chic amber-green are also found

What determines the choice of eyebrow color?

Eyebrow color depends on skin tone and hair color. That is, from the color type of a woman. Eyebrows should look natural, not overload the face, not grow old and not give a funny look. Today at the peak of popularity, natural eyebrows. It seems that could be easier? But here, on the contrary, it’s worth a little mistake and the effect will be disastrous. The golden rule is that eyebrows are a tone darker than the hair color for blondes, and a tone lighter for brunettes. But the choice of shade depends entirely on the color of the skin and eyes. The wider the eyebrow, the softer the color.

How to choose eyebrow color depending on eye color?

Despite the fact that the main parameters when choosing the color of the eyebrows are still the color of the hair, do not forget about the color of the eyes. If your eyes are coldly gray, green and light blue, choose cold shades of colors (especially the color of graphite). For brown, as well as warm shades of dark blue and green eyes, you need to choose warm shades of brown. Black color is suitable exclusively for burning brunettes with dark brown eyes.

What color eyebrows are suitable for brunettes?

With just one touch, a brunette can look either older or younger. And this stroke is the color of the eyebrows. It is enough just to make the eyebrows lighter than one tone than the hair and the freshness of the face is ensured. Depending on the color of the eyes, you need to choose either brown or graphite.

What color eyebrows fit red?

  • Red-haired girls are most difficult to choose "their" shade of eyebrows. We do not recommend proceeding immediately to painting without careful preparation or expert advice. A slightly darker tone and with a sweet person can turn into a surprised mime
  • For self-selection of colors, use the shadows. Mix, experiment and only then make the final decision. Depending on the brightness of the color of the strands, the color saturation and the presence of freckles, eyebrow colors from light brown to red-brown are suitable
  • Again, do not forget that the eyebrows should be a tone darker than the hair in order to attract the eye to the mirror of the female soul

What color eyebrows choose blondes?

The classic color of blondes eyebrows is brown. From light to dark shades. But as we previously reported, it is also worth paying attention to eye color. This season, world make-up artists presented simply the most beautiful models with wheat curls and eyebrows in the color of wet asphalt. We recommend experimenting with shadows like the red-haired ones.

Perfect eyebrow color for fair-haired girls

Slavic appearance is brown hair, gray eyes and delicate fair skin. The color of the eyebrows for this color type is graphite. If the girl's eye color is warm brown, your color is mocha.

The main mistakes when choosing eyebrow color

We picked up the TOP errors when choosing the color of eyebrows that spoil the face:

  • Black color. Young people perfectly learned the rule of black eyebrows, but those who are 30 and older still remember the cute thin black eyebrows, and they are better or worse but suitable for the majority. Naturalness is in fashion today, and therefore a medium, and even a wide eyebrow. And here the black color categorically does not fit even most brunettes. What can we say about fair-haired. Such a makeup will add on top a dozen years, the face will look rougher, or even angrier
  • Eyebrow color does not match the lady's color type. There is a twofold effect. Someone turns into a gray mouse, someone into a mime. In beauty - no one
  • Eyebrow color is twice as bright and darker than hair color. The face mask can also look spectacular on glossy covers. On weekdays, everything looks like this: eyebrows on their own, mistress of eyebrows on their own

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How to choose eyebrow color depending on eye color: tips and reviews

Jeanne (makeup artist): Dear ladies, I can’t convince everyone to visit a makeup artist once every twenty days, but I can recommend visiting a makeup artist at least once to choose the shape and color of eyebrows. After that, adjusting and caring is much easier than creating “perfect edges” from scratch.

Natalya (farmer): A few years ago, my husband and I made a decision and opened our own farm. I will say right away that sometimes there is not enough time to do household chores, not to go to the city for the whole day to relax in the beauty salon as it was before. But is this a reason to become groomed? You can learn everything on the Internet. I decided on a new shape of eyebrows for about a month. Then for another week she painted her wide eyebrows with shadows, choosing the color, and only then decided to paint. Despite the fact that this is the first independent experiment, my husband said that I can do everything no worse than a makeup artist.

Galina (accountant): My work involves constant visits to various authorities, communication with the management of the companies that I serve, the conclusion of new agreements with new employers. And so, at the next conclusion of the contract, the phrase sounded that my experience was visible from afar (a hint of age). I concluded the contract, but on the same day I went for a consultation with a specialist. Hearing the recommendation: to change the shape and color of the eyebrows in the first place, I was at a loss. For years, a well-trained form, a bright black color, I was very happy with. But I trusted the specialist, and after half an hour I was surprised to consider myself new in the mirror. Just one stroke, half an hour, no surgical interventions, and I'm five years younger!

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