Riddles about winter and New Year for children of preschool and school age, schools, preschool educational institutions, adults: a collection of the best riddles with answers. What are and how to find New Year's puzzles about winter for children?

Here you will find the most interesting puzzles for small and large children about the winter and New Year.

Riddles about winter and New Year are simple for children of the smallest: a collection with answers

The "smallest" is best to pick up simple and uncomplicated puzzles that will make them think, but not "bewildered." With kids, puzzles are best solved together by showing pictures or the objects themselves.

Riddles about winter for kids:

Powdered the tracksI decorated the windows.
Gave joy to children
And a sled ride.

Our windows are like pictures.Who is the invisible artist?
Bouquets of roses on glass
We painted ...

White fluff lay down on the roadOn the steps and thresholds.
Every person knows
This fluff is called ...

Grandma will bind their granddaughterSo that in winter handles do not freeze.
Sisters will keep warm -
Woolen ...

He came unexpectedlySurprised us all
For the guys coveted
White-white ...

Who painted the cheeks of childrenRed in winter, not in summer?
And who is pinching them by the nose?
(Santa Claus)

In the New Year, take a look at the skyYou for a few minutes.
There you will see bright, cool,
Among a variety of fruitsNew Year's Eve One -
Sweet, juicy, very ripe.
This is delicious ...

Red nose and beardHe goes back and forth
He brought gifts to everyone,
Who is this? ...
(Santa Claus)

Very warm, comfortableFor snowdrifts - incomparable,
And do not go out of fashion.
Santa Claus always walks in them.
(Felt boots)

Winter riddles for children

Riddles about winter and New Year for preschool children, kindergarten: a collection with answers

Children really like winter because it has a lot of holidays and gifts. Spend leisure time with the kids, presenting them with not only rhymes, riddles, but also cartoons, visual images, or maybe you can solve puzzles on a walk where you can show everything firsthand.

The forest is covered with a white blanket,And the bear is sleeping in the den.
Snow is like a white border.
Who hosted?

Every day it's getting colderThe sun is getting weaker
Everywhere the snow is like a fringe -
So she came to us ...

Here are some miracles:Forests become white
Shores of lakes and rivers.
What happened? Dropped out ...

Puddles froze in the yardThe whole day is blowing snow
Become white at home.
It came to us ...

What a miracle blanket?Everything suddenly turned white at night.
Do not see roads and rivers -
They were covered with fluffy ...

Someone like a feather cloudRipped in half
Down came down fuzz -
Silver ...

Stars fly from the skyAnd shine in the sun.
Like a ballerina dancing
Spin in the winter ...

What a winter starsHid in a cloud herself?
Like tiny ice floes
These stars are ...

He breathed on the window -Instantly it covered with ice.
Even twigs of birches
Frozen sheltered ...

Decorated the sorcererWindows are all in people's homes.
Whose patterns? - Here is the question.
He painted them ...

It spins snow along the streets,Like feathers of white hens.
Winter-winter friend,
Northern guest ...

They snake along the groundHowling pityingly in the pipe
Fir trees fall asleep with snow.
It is winter ...

They are cooked, boughtAnd they put it under the Christmas tree.
Happy New Year
And they are always waiting for them.

On his head is a bucket,And the nose is an edible carrot,
Used to winter and cold.
Tell me who is he?

On New Year’s, we’ll light them togetherThey will light the house for us.
Loved by adults and children

Sharp, spiky,From heat - weeping.
Hanging from the roofs
Those pendants are -
Very long ...

There are many traditions in the New Year,We must not forget them.
At midnight, we all must
(Desire to make)

Interesting puzzles about winter

Small, short puzzles for children about winter and New Year: a collection with answers

Choose riddles, making sure in advance that the child knows exactly what is at stake (i.e. taking into account age-related characteristics).

The best puzzles about winter:

On a winter day, a pond fellVery slippery glass.
Calling to play hockey
Blue strong smooth ...

On a hot summer raftI’ll swim through the waves.
And in winter you don’t need a raft -
The waves turned into ...

You can make a snow ballIt’s not at all difficult!
We are not making pies:
For the game you need ...

Frozen SorcererAnd the lake and stream.
Breathed cold, and here -
Not water in a stream, but ...

A lot of snow in the yard -Here is the fun kids!
We walk in the snow. To the legs
We donned everything ...

The fingers in them do not freeze.As in little caps, they walk.
Let's play hide and seek with the cold
We’ll hide the pens ...

We blinded him deftly.Eyes have a nose-carrot.
A little warm - cry instantly
And it will melt ...

In the snowdrifts near the riverLong plank ride
They are looking for higher piles.
Name the tablets!

Two steel shiny brothersOn a skating rink in circles rush.
Only flickering lights.
What kind of brothers?

Snow in the fieldsIce on the waters
Blizzard walks.
When does this happen?

Powdered the tracksDecorated the windows
Gave joy to children
And a sled ride.

Snow-white mistressWill cover everything with a blanket
Everything will be smoothed out, tidied up,
And then the earth is tired
She will sing a lullaby.

White bedspreadOn the ground lay
Summer has come -
It is all gone.

He's fluffy, silvery,But do not touch his hand:
Become a drop of clean
How to catch in the palm of your hand.

What kind of holiday is in the yard?All in ice and silver
An important Christmas tree is
Does the dress sparkle?
Santa Claus is visiting
Coming ...
(New Year)

They knock, they ringThey are counting down.
They give a signal for us:
"The New Year has come to us!"

White, fluffy,Flies in the air
And it touches the earth -
It also melts.

What kind of sounds do we hear?Maybe this is the crash of a gun?
No, rumble on New Year
Multi-colored ...

They gathered near the Christmas treeThey held hands together
How much joy brings
New Year…
(Round dance)

Simple and complex winter puzzles for children

The best interesting puzzles about winter and New Year for children of primary and secondary school age: a collection with answers

Such puzzles can be designed for any age, some of them are simple, others are complex and not every child can do.

Little puzzles about winter:

Not a bucket, not a brush, not a hand,And whitewash all the roofs around.

Call me guysA month in this riddle:
His days - all days are shorter
All nights are longer than nights.
To fields and meadows
Before the spring lay snow.
Only our month will pass
We celebrate the New Year.

The first one he goes,The new year will begin with him.
Open the calendar soon
Read! It is written - ...

All gifts are received!He is a favorite! And not in vain -
Well, what else happens
More fun ...

Nibbling ears, nibbling nose,Climbing boots into the frost.
Splash water - fall
Not water already, but ice.
Not even a bird flies
The bird freezes from frost.
The sun turned to summer.
What, say, this month?

Snow is falling in bags from the skyFrom the house are snowdrifts of snow.
That is snowstorms and blizzards
They flew into the village.
The frost is strong at night
A ringing day is heard.
The day increased noticeably.
Well, so what month is it?

The last winter month is a pityThe shortest one is ...

Though it’s snow and ice,And leaves - tears pour.

The cold came.The water turned into ice.
Long-eared bunny gray
He turned into a white bunny.
The bear stopped roaring:
A bear fell into hibernation.
Who will say who knows
When does this happen?
(In winter)

In white hoarfrost birch.Hedgehogs are sleeping, bears are sleeping.
But even though the frosts came,
Bullfinches dawn are burning.
It will be New Year and bright
Wonderful Christmas holiday.
Wearing a warm fur coat
Snow-white ...

Opened a snow hugShe dressed everything in dresses.
It is cold weather.
What season is it?

Frost flashed. And we are gladMother’s leprosy ...

I have a lot of cases - I'm a white blanketI cover the whole earth, I clean the ice of the river,
I whitewash the fields, at home, and my name is ...

Who is not afraid of the coldTo remain without a feather bed
And shake it to the ground
Flying fluffs.

I noticed all aroundArriving from the kingdom of blizzard.
Autumn, best friend
I sent south.
I'm frosty and white
And for a long time I came to you.

After the fall came.And drifted snowdrifts.

Who knows the right signHigh sun means summer.
And if the cold, blizzard, darkness
And the sun is low, then ...

Snow goes,Under the white cotton
Streets, houses disappeared.
All the guys are happy with the snow -
She came to us again ...

Covered with white snowMeadow and forest around.
And, having calmed down, the river became
Bound by ice.

Unexpectedly blizzardsWith howl terrible flew.
Autumn ran away in fear
And she became the mistress.

I will not tolerate heat:Spin the blizzards
I will whitewash all the fields
I will decorate ate
Notice the snow at home,
Because I ...

Appeared after the fallI'm on the calendar.
I am the best holiday for you
I'll give it to joy!
And the earth with white snow I
Wrapped herself.
Guys, guess
Well, who am I? ...

Goes, but no legs;Lies, but no bed;
Lightweight, and the roof breaks.

The tablecloth is whiteShe dressed the whole field.

He flies in a white flockAnd sparkles on the fly.
He is a cool star melting
On the palm and in the mouth.

To the trees, to the bushesFlowers are falling from the sky.
White, fluffy,
Just not scented.

So that the New Year is funAnd brought us joy
We need to give each other
What? Of course…

Shining with bright lightsOn the walls, windows, outside the window.
Her tree is generously decorated.
Outside decorate the house.

Our Christmas tree will be decoratedChristmas balls
Beads, bright garlands,

They are secretSimple, extraordinary,
And guess at the New Year,
Everything will happen exactly.
After all, if you believe in miracles,
They are in a hurry to be fulfilled.

Without it for the New YearNo sledges will fly up in the sky.
And then it will not carry
Santa Claus presents nowhere.

Funny winter puzzles for kids

Riddles about winter and New Year with a trick: a collection with answers

"Deceptions" deliberately mislead you, trying to come up with the wrong answer, which is best suited for rhyme. However, it is not! The answer must be sought in the sense of the words riddles!

Winter puzzles:
Everything is dressed in white snow -
So it’s coming ...
(Not summer, but winter)

Fluffy flakes fly from the skyThe earth is dressed in a snow-white coat.
Who will say the name of the season?
Of course, it’s called ...
(Not summer, but winter)

Before starting the athleteVery important days:
On the track should check
Skier new ...
(Not skates, but skis)

We can do it without errorName all months of winter.
Come on first call:
Of course, this is the month ...
(Not May, but December)

I love to ride on ice.Hooray! Winter is getting closer!
I'm going to the rink with my friends
And I'll put on there ... (Do not ski, but skates)

I was able to pick up a pair of mittens for myself for ...(Not legs, but arms)

Frost is cracking in the yard - You put a hat on ...(Not on the nose, but on the head)

I'm in a furry coat in winterI eat nuts on an oak.
I can’t sit still
Because I ...
(Not a wolf, but a squirrel)

Winter in the denSees a dream
Clubfoot ...
(Not an elephant, but a bear)

Jump into the sky like a springAnd explode there ...

On the tops and earsFall in the winter ... (snowflakes)

Spinning in a wolf maskIn a round dance ...

There she is, beautyAll shimmers!
They brought her from the cold,
This is a tree -…
(Not a birch, but a tree)

The snow woman has a funny noseHe is a long, bright vegetable!
Now we need to think together
What kind of vegetable do we need to choose.
Who guessed - well done!
Of course it is ...
(Not a cucumber, but a carrot)

The track goes around trees, hemp,They carry us, as on wings, ours ...
(Not skates, but skis)

Winter riddles

Challenging winter and New Year puzzles for high school students and adults: a collection with answers

Come up with a reward system for the child and he will be happy to guess every riddle or give points for the correct answers, if this is a team game.

Riddles about the winter:

Out of the sky bagSuddenly flour fell!
Falls asleep all around -
Forest, fields, houses and meadow ...
And as soon as you take
And you’ll gain that torment ...
You look, but she really isn’t!
There was only a wet trace.
What a strange flour ?!
Do not see us a pie.

He flies in a white flockAnd sparkles on the fly.
He is a cool star melting
On the palm and in the mouth.
He is rosy in the sun,
Under the moon is blue.
He's behind the collar and in his pockets
Flies to us with you.
He is both white and furry,
And fluffy like a bear. -
Throw it with a shovel
Call him, answer!

White blanketNot done by hand.
Not weaving and not cutting -
From heaven to earth fell.

There was a blanketSoft white
The earth was warming.
The wind blew
The blanket bent.
The sun is hot
The blanket is flowing.

Winter on gray roofsThrows seeds -
Grows white carrots
She is under the roofs.

He is like a diamond:Both solid and pure
In the sun sparkles.
But the rays will begin to warm
He immediately melts.

Walking in the field, flying in the wildTwist, growl, I don’t want to know anyone.
I run along the village, I’ll sweep snowdrifts.

Three, three flew in,The horses in that trio are white
And in the sleigh sits the queen
Belokosa, Belolitsa,
As she waved her sleeve -
All covered with silver.
(Winter months)

Feeling of joy without feeling,I’m flying down a snowy hill.
My sport became closer and closer
Who helped me with this?

Oh, it snowed!I deduce a horse friend.
Over the reins
I’m leading through the horse’s yard
I’m flying downhill on it,
And I drag him back.

Admire, look -North pole inside!
Snow and ice sparkles there
Winter itself lives there.
Forever to us this winter
Brought from the store.

Red-breasted, black-winged,
He likes to peck grains,
With the first snow on the mountain ash
He will appear again.

Under our roofThe white nail is growing
But how the sun rises
The nail will melt, fall.

In white velvet village -Both fences and trees.
And how the wind attacks
This velvet will fall.

They rolled and kneaded the snowWe blinded a man
Instead of eyes - two coals,
Where the nose is carrot
And in your hands - a whisk,
Who is he, our Egor?

There is one such flower.You will not weave it into a wreath.
Blow it lightly:
There was a flower - and there is no flower.

Without arms, without legsHe knows how to draw.

I come with presentsI shine with bright lights
Smart, funny
For New Year I’m the main one!

(Christmas tree)

Ice girlIn a blue dress
With Santa Claus
Comes to our house.
(Snow Maiden)

She will decorate every homeSmart beauty
She’s having more fun with the New Year
Kids like her.
(Christmas tree)

Who has a bag of giftsWho is big and in a bright fur coat?
Who's on New Year's Eve
Congratulates everyone in the world?
(Santa Claus)

The snow melted and frozeTomorrow there will be many tears.
Who waved his hand and only
That certainly will fall.
Because it’s very slippery.
They promise ...

What do we hang on the treeDecorating all the needles?
Beads, lights, crackers
And of course ...

He goes, circles, flies.He amuses children.
They sculpt it, they play it.
And in the heat, it quickly melts.

Santa Claus was born there,And, it happens, lives there.
There are many miracles left
Exactly, on New Year's Eve.
Everyone knows this in Finland,
And called ...