How to sew a jacket yourself - tips, a step-by-step master class. How to sew a sweater with short sleeves?

This article provides a master class on building patterns, patterns and sewing sweaters, do-it-yourself blouses. You will also learn what tricks are in these processes.

Fashion changes every season. Therefore, girls always have to buy more and more new things. After all, most of them want to look modern and beautiful. In addition, now clothes play a big role in life. The first opinion of others is formed precisely by the type of person. But not all beauties have the opportunity to buy their favorite clothes in a fashion boutique at such high prices. But what if you want this particular blouse or blouse, but there is no money in your wallet for it?

In this case, you can find a suitable style and sew the thing yourself with your own hands. The product will sit well on you, and it will be difficult to distinguish it from the original. After all, you can choose the right fabric, and make a quality pattern for the pattern in size. Next, we consider in detail how to sew a blouse, a blouse with your own hands without outside help.

How to sew a sweater yourself - tips

If you decide to sew a sweater, then you need to choose the right style and material for the product. With a good choice, you will get a beautiful stylish look. Every girl in the wardrobe has such a thing, but not everyone can boast that they sewed it on their own.

Jacket lace

Sewing a jacket is not so difficult, but some skills will be needed. For the process you will need:

  1. Stock up on time, because all processes, including manual labor, require some effort and time. And if you are new to this business, then you may still have to redo something.
  2. This is your first job, then do not immediately choose products that are difficult to sew. Try to emphasize the simplest patterns of patterns. So you can avoid big mistakes that cannot be fixed. It is best to opt for classic fashion models. Fabrics select obedient.
  3. If you get confused in the schemes and it is difficult for you to build them, then do either the simplest ones or make a pattern for another sweater or an old T-shirt. You can still buy a ready-made pattern on the Internet. Consider your sizes when buying, and leave allowances for seams when transferring patterns to material.
  4. When taking measurements, you must be careful. And do not overtighten the centimeter tape at the waist or in the chest; a distorted measurement option may result.

When you start sewing a sweater, blouse, as mentioned earlier, leave a certain margin so that the resulting product does not tighten you tightly. Thanks to this, it is possible to slightly correct errors when constructing patterns. And you, therefore, will be able to cut off excess material residues at the end of sewing - then.

IMPORTANT: Novice craftswomen are not recommended to immediately complete the lines, it is advisable to first sketch and try on a sweater. Only after such a fit boldly scribble the seams. Try to make lines getting into the basting. Do not worry, even if you do not succeed for the first time, everything can be fixed, the main thing is to try.

How to sew a sweater: a step-by-step master class

In order to get started, you will need to take measurements. Measurements of the length of the shoulder will be necessary, determine the length of the product itself, the length of the sleeves, half-circumference of the waist, chest, neck, hips, wrists.

For the further construction of the pattern, a simple raglan sweater pattern will be used. The product style has a free silhouette. See the pattern diagram below. It consists of four parts of the front, back, front of the sleeve and back.

Front pattern Jacket back

For the product, the basic raglan construction scheme is used. It is recommended to make adjustments to the construction of parts, given their size. You should also leave allowances for a loose fit.

Jacket raglan

The scheme of such a jacket is quite simple. It is built according to previously taken measurements. Everything must be done in the following order:

  1. Start tailoring from the front. To do this, lay on the top half of the neck and two more centimeters along the edges on each side. And make a semicircular neck.
  2. After, draw a line of the chest, which coincides with the line of the armhole of the sleeve. The armhole itself is simple to draw, it is enough to smoothly connect the shoulders and the point of the chest line with a smooth line.
  3. At the bottom of the product, set aside the hip line plus two centimeters for a free fit on each side.
  4. The back is built according to the same scheme as the front part, only the roll-out of the neck is built less than in front.
  5. Sleeves must be made loose not skinny. Above is the widest part in the biceps area. At the bottom, they lay the semi-girth of the brush plus a centimeter or two for a loose fit.

When the pattern is built, it must be transferred to the material. But before you do this, it does not hurt to talk about choosing a fabric. For such a sweater, choose material from knitwear, preferably with elastane. Then she will sit well. From light transparent fabrics of silk, chiffon, etc. it will be difficult for the beginning seamstress to sew the product.

How to sew a sweater - instructions

Before sewing the product, carefully lay out the parts on the material, circle them and cut them out. Do not forget about allowances. Then start sewing. Perform the following in the process:

    1. Sew the front and back of the sleeves. Sew them in a straight stitch. If the fabric is knitwear, then use a knit stitch. Otherwise, the straight line will break and open.
    2. After sew the back and front of the blouse. If necessary, then process the seams so that they do not fray.
    3. Sew the sleeves to the main part of the jacket, make sure everything is smooth and the bottom seam of the sleeve coincides with the side seam of the jacket.
    4. It remains to hem the bottom, sleeves, and process the neck. It can be trimmed with inlay, special ribbons, etc. - depending on the style of the product.

A ready-made jacket, sewn with your own hands, will become a favorite thing in a woman’s wardrobe, she’s also sewn taking into account all her desires.

Sweatshirt pattern

How to sew a sweater with short sleeves?

If you make a pattern with a one-piece sleeve, you get an elegant and stylish thing. Draw such a scheme is not difficult. See below the pattern for size 42. This style is suitable for all women with an ideal figure, and with not ideal parameters. With this free cut you can hide extra centimeters at the waist. Also, the blouse will hide too broad shoulders and full arms at the top.

Building a blouse pattern

To build a diagram, it is enough to substitute the sizes in the figure and draw a drawing of the pattern instead of the values ​​in the figure. Where HH1 is 1/4 of the hip circumference plus 2-3 centimeters for a loose fit. AB - 1/4 of the neck circumference plus 2 centimeters. B1P - the length of the sleeve, including the shoulder section. PG1 - sleeve width plus two centimeters.

Step-by-step process - how to sew a blouse:

  • So, after building a simple drawing, it should be transferred to the material. To do this, first determine which fabric you will sew the product from.
  • To create a romantic look, light summer materials, such as chiffon, cambric, or lined guipure, are suitable.
  • The last fabric looks festive and interesting. Classic options can be represented by knitted, crepe-chiffon fabrics. Which ones you like best is up to you.
Loose chiffon blouse

Workshop on sewing blouses

After you transfer the details of the blouse to the material and take into account the allowances for seams without fail, cut out the details of the cut and begin the sewing process:

  1. Fold the back and in front of the front of the fabric to each other and mark or fix with tailor pins the side seams, sleeves and shoulder sections.
  2. Sew these seams on a typewriter in the usual straight stitch; if you are sewing knitted fabric, use a knitted seam.
  3. To prevent the edges from fraying, treat them with an overlock, or sew them in a zigzag pattern.
  4. Sleeves, or rather their bottom, can simply be hemmed, and you can beautifully process ribbons, guipure, ruffles. By the way, the bottom of the product can be designed in the same way, and the neck too. Another neck in the classic form of clothing is simply sheathed with an oblique trim.

It is recommended that in the process of sewing, smooth the seams with an iron and try on, so that the product then sits well and does not pull anywhere, wrinkles do not form.

If you sew a thing from an elastic fabric and you have ideal parameters, you can sew a blouse or a tight-fitting blouse, but for such a process you will have to adjust the clothes according to the figure, you may have to sew it, adjust it several times.

Examples of patterns for sewing blouses and blouses:

Pattern pattern

Blouse for fat White jacket Pink blouse

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