How to contact buyers on Aliexpress, and why is it needed? Message to buyer on Aliexpress - how to write?

From this article you will learn how you can write to other customers on Aliexpress and why this may be required.

Most experienced buyers use one very simple, but quite reliable strategy when choosing a product. To determine how reliable a seller is, they look at product reviews on Aliexpress.

At the same time, they do not just look at them fluently, because sellers often ask buyers to write them a positive review for a discount or some kind of bonus. Basically, such reviews consist of a couple of sentences and do not carry a special semantic load. What are they looking for there then?

They look for all the bad grades to contact those who left them. Personal correspondence allows you to find out about all the shortcomings of the seller and the goods. As a rule, dissatisfied customers always honestly tell what they did not like.

If aAliexpress you don’t know yet and you don’t know how to use it correctly, we advise you to read the article onthe link. She will tell you how to make profitable purchases on the site.

How to write to the buyer on Aliexpress?

Not every user is aware thatAliexpress was created by a large company Alibaba, which has another store for bulk purchases So, both of these sites are connected with each other and when creating an account onAliexpress, he automatically appears on Alibaba. It just allows you to write messages to other users.

Another nice point is that you can write questions in your own language, and when you receive a response, an e-mail notification will be sent. To watch it, you will need to log in to your Alibaba account using the same data that you use onAliexpress.

To write the site user you need, you need to do a few simple steps. First you need to find out the customer’s personal number.Aliexpress, that is, its ID. With it, you will write a message on Alibaba.

How to find buyer ID on AliExpress?

To view another customer’s ID onAliexpress, first go to the page with the appropriate thing, and go to the tab"Reviews".


Find the person you want to contact here. Be careful, because not every name can be clicked. This is due to the fact that sometimes people write reviews anonymously, so contact with them will not work.

Buyer Name

Click on the name, if possible, and you will be on the page with the data of the buyer. Click on the line with the link to the page and copy in it 9 digits after the inscription MemberID.

Buyer ID
  • Now we have the buyer ID, it remains only to write a message.

How to write a personal message to the buyer?

For quick transition to correspondence with the userAliexpressuse this link here:

// = 4 & id = xxxxxxxxx

Here, replace the lastX on the received ID.

Message to Buyer
  • Immediately after the transition, you will find yourself in the window for entering a message. Ask all your questions and send it.

After receiving a response, you will receive an email alert. By the way, be prepared for the fact that you may not receive an answer. The fact is that not all buyers understand what kind of message they received at all and how to answer it. And someone is simply scared or ignored.

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