How girls look like synechia and how it should be - photo. Treatment and care for the fusion of the labia in girls

Synechia in girls is very common. It is important to detect the disease in time in order to prevent complications.

Most parents are not even aware of the synechia of the labia minora in girls. At the courses of expectant mothers they do not talk about this. Mom, though a woman, is hard to determine if her daughter has synechia or not.

What do the synechia of the vagina and labia minora look like in girls?

Synechia, in simple terms, is intergrowth. The synechia of the labia minora is the fusion of the labia minora in a girl. Perhaps the fusion of the labia minora with large. The intergrowth can be full or partial.

To inspect the daughter for the presence of synechia, it is necessary:

  • wash hands well with soap
  • nails should be cut short
  • put baby on her back
  • carefully spread the legs and carefully examine the genitals

Opening the labia majora, the mother will see that the labia minora are firmly pressed against each other and a film has formed between them. The vagina is not visible at all, or only part of it can be seen. When you try to separate the sponges, nothing happens. It brings pain to the baby and the baby begins to cry.

IMPORTANT: With the normal structure of the labia minora, the gap is large, the vagina is clearly visible. The labia minora look like petals and are separated from the labia majora.

Signs of synechia in girls

IMPORTANT: The main sign of the presence of synechia in a girl will be problems with urination. The child will cry, pushing. Relief comes only after urination. The situation escalates in the evenings. The baby practically can not sleep.

A sign, indicating a possible occurrence of synechia, is:

  • redness of the genitals in the baby, the presence of a small rash
  • when washing can be painful, the girl will cry
  • on synechia is also indicated by the fact that when urinating, urine rises in a trickle up, like in boys
  • constant urine leakage, the child went to the potty, but the panties were wet all the time

Synechia in girls, photo

The first photo shows the normal structure of the genital organs. The second clearly shows the complete fusion of the labia minora.

Synechia in Infant Girls

Almost from the first days of life, girls can have sex lips spliced. It is believed that the cause of this disease is a low content of sex hormones. This should not alarm parents. Since the absence of sex hormones before puberty is the norm.

Relapse of the disease is possible up to about 8 years. Growing up, the girl's mucous membrane of the genitals becomes less susceptible to external stimuli and more dense. And almost does not grow together.

Causes of synechia in girls

The reasons that can provoke synechia are:

  • food allergy in a child to certain foods in the diet of a baby or mother breastfeeding
  • household allergies can occur on diapers, powder, cream, soap, wipes, oil
  • insufficient washing
  • washing too often
  • use when washing soap
  • improper washing
  • urinary tract infections
  • hormonal drugs taken while the baby is carrying the mother
  • dysbiosis
  • worms

In order to find the cause of the formation of synechiae, the specialist will prescribe a number of tests:

  • vaginal swabs
  • blood and urine tests
  • feces for dysbiosis and worm eggs
  • scraping for enterobiosis

Breeding synechia in girls

IMPORTANT: The sooner synechia is detected, the easier it is to breed. At the very beginning of the disease, the film is thin and transparent. And with full intergrowth, it becomes dense, the body perceives the genital gap as a wound, and without surgical intervention, it cannot be divorced.

  • You can’t do it yourself, you can only harm the child. If you suspect a synechia, you need to seek help from a pediatric gynecologist
  • It is believed that synechia is not necessary to be touched at the initial stage, but it is only necessary to breed it when the fusion brings discomfort to the baby

Treatment of synechia, dissection of synechia in girls

  • Dissection of synechia in girls makes a pediatric gynecologist. This procedure is performed using a scalpel and takes a few seconds. The manipulation is painful and requires special care for the genitals in the baby
  • To facilitate painful urination and wound healing, sitz baths, lotions, and antibacterial ointments are recommended.

IMPORTANT: Dissection does not insure against repeated relapses. The labia minora may grow together again. Parents have the right to refuse this method of treatment, but with full growth, when urination is impaired, only in this way can the girl be helped.

For prevention, it is recommended:

  • give up diapers
  • carefully monitor the baby's personal hygiene
  • lubricate the labia with baby cream and vegetable oil
  • do as often as possible air baths.

How to treat synechia in girls at home?

It is possible to treat synechia at home only with partial and uncomplicated intergrowth. To do this, use warm sessile baths with the addition of herbs such as chamomile, calendula, and a series of.

The procedure takes 10 minutes. After this, it is recommended to lubricate the place of growth with sea buckthorn, olive or peach oil. The oil must be clean, free from impurities.

IMPORTANT: before use, it is necessary to check the presence of an allergy in the child to the selected type of oil.

Cream for synechia in girls

  • If synechiae progresses and causes discomfort to the baby, special hormonal creams are prescribed by a specialist
  • You can use them only in strictly specified quantities and once a day. Apply such creams with a clean index finger, strictly on the adhesion site. The course of treatment is 14 days.
  • After a course of treatment with hormonal cream, the area of ​​the labia minora is treated with a baby cream without flavors. Apply cream after washing

Synechia ointment in girls

To improve the effect of the use of hormonal cream, ointments are prescribed. They are applied to the adhesion zone in the morning, after washing. These ointments can be attributed Traumeel C, cream-gel Malavit, Kontraktubeks.

Does Contractubex help with synechia in girls?

  • Contractubex - This is a gel against scars. Used as an adjunct in the treatment of synechia in girls
  • Apply a thin layer to the adhesion site twice a day. If the doctor or parents do not want to use hormonal creams, only treatment is possible contract
  • This method requires more time and patience. The full course of treatment is 3 months. When used correctly, it produces results

Ovestin's treatment of synechia in a girl

For the successful treatment of synechia, a hormonal cream is prescribed.

IMPORTANT: Ovestin, when used correctly, acts only on synechia and does not affect the hormonal background of the baby.

Use Ovestin once a day after an evening wash.

  • apply half a centimeter of cream to the finger
  • gently push the labia majora
  • apply cream to the adhesion line
  • make light circular movements with large labia
  • You can’t put on a diaper immediately after the procedure, you must wait for the cream
  • When applying Ovestina recommend using only your finger. But, some doctors advise using a cotton swab, rub the cream into a commissure. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the girl’s genitals
  • The course of treatment is 14 days.. If synechiae did not disperse or dispersed, but only partially, after a ten-day break, treatment can be continued.

Prevention of synechia in girls

In order to prevent synechia in girls, it is necessary:

  • rinse properly, this is done every day under running water and from front to back to avoid infection
  • wash only with hands, it is strictly forbidden to use a washcloth, you can damage the delicate tissue of the labia
  • When washing, use soap only once a week; it should be child-friendly without flavoring and coloring agents. Frequent use of soap overdries the mucous membrane and provokes synechia. Better to give up soap altogether
  • use diapers correctly, change every three hours or more often
  • do air baths for the genitals, the longer the better
  • choose underwear only from natural fabrics and in size, before dressing for a child, iron it
  • wash children's clothes separately from things of adults
  • if the child is allergic, closely monitor allergic reactions. In case of redness, generously lubricate the labia minora with a baby cream without flavoring or use diaper rash cream
  • do not abuse baths of herbs or potassium permanganate

Synechia in girls: tips and reviews

IMPORTANT: Be sure to examine the baby's genitals. The sooner diagnosed synechiae is, the easier it is to treat them.

  • Most mothers and specialists respond positively to hormonal cream treatment. With the correct application, synechiae passes easily and painlessly
  • After breeding of the labia minora, the adhesion site must be treated with additional non-hormonal ointments
  • The use of Ovestin is also justified for the fusion of the labia minora with large. The cream is applied to the site of growth and in about a week the result will be visible

In the fight against synechiae:

  • It is imperative to exclude allergens, both household and food. Otherwise, the mucous membrane will be irritated and re-fusion is possible.
  • For viral infections, closely monitor small genital sponges
  • Lubricate with baby cream or oil several times a day. Do crotch massage
  • If the fusion of the labia is partial and does not bring discomfort, conduct only observational tactics

Many mothers are disturbed by frequent relapses of synechia. So something has been done wrong. We must be patient. And, most importantly, remember that the girl will grow up, and the problem will go away by itself.

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